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Brand: Wpro Model: S-VACBAG-000007
Cloth vacuum cleaner bags WPRO AE10-MWMicrofiber fabric bags for Bosch / Siemens, 4pcsContents:4x bags with 5 level filter system1x micro filterFor brooms: AEG, ELECTROLUX, PROGRESS, QUELLE-PRIVILEG, SATRAP, SINGER, SMC, THOMAS, TORNADO, VOLTAFor the following models:AEG: Airys TO 02, Diamond, Vampy..
Ex Tax:6.37€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-BIG-ACC-000014
Wpro Air Condtioner CleanerIdeal for cleaning the filters of the indoor unit of an air conditioner.It cleans and at the same time leaves a pleasant smell.Packaging: 500ml..
Ex Tax:9.67€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-VACBAG-000005
WPro BS30-MW BOSCH SIEMENS Type GVacuum Cleaner Bag Bosch/Siemens D-F-G-HReplacement for: Bosch / Siemens D-F-G-HPackage contents:- 4x Microfiber dustbags- 1x MicrofilterSuitable for:- Bosch BBZ 51AF G- BBS10.. >> BBS11..- BBS20.. >> BSS22..- BBS24.. >> BBS29..- BBS60.. >> BB..
Ex Tax:6.37€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-VACBAG-000009
Cloth vacuum cleaner bags WPro BS237-MW BOSCH-SIEMENS Type KMicrofiber fabric bags for Bosch / Siemens, 4pcsContents:4x bags with 5 level filter system1x micro filterFor Vacuum Cleaners as: BOSCH, PROFILO, QUELLE/PRIVILEG, SIEMENS, UFESAFor the following models:BOSCH: Arriva BSG 1000 -> BSG 1999 ..
Ex Tax:6.37€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-BIG-ACC-000011
Wpro Coffee Machine Calc CleanerDesalination fluid for coffee machines, 250 ml.Ideal for cleaning and desalination of an Espresso machine, a kettle or a coffee maker. Keep the inside of your device clean, extending its lifespan.Packaging: 250ml..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Wpro Connection Stand for Dryer SKS101 Wpro Connection Stand for Dryer SKS101
Brand: Wpro Model: S-BIG-ACC-000020
Washing Machine Connection Stand with Dryer WPRO SKS101Support base with practical drawer rack, for placing the dryer on the washing machine.Support base suitable for mounting a dryer above the washing machine. Suitable for washing machines and dryers (maximum support weight 250kg) with a width of 6..
Ex Tax:56.37€
Wpro Hobs Cleaning Cream
2-4 Days
Brand: Wpro Model: S-BIG-ACC-000015
Wpro Hobs Cleaning CreamCeramic hob cleaner from Wpro 250ml. It cleans effectively, leaving a protective film for easier cleaning in the future. Suitable for ceramic and induction hobs...
Ex Tax:4.84€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-BIG-ACC-000012
Wpro Iron Calc CleanerDesalination fluid for steam irons, 250ml.Packaging: 250 ml..
Ex Tax:4.76€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-BIG-ACC-000022
Microwave Oven Dish Cover Wpro PLL004Keeps the oven cleanKeeps food warmDiameter 26.5cm.It has holes for the controlled extraction of water vaporMade in ItalyBPA FREEIt sits in the dishwasherUniversal, for all microwave ovens..
Ex Tax:6.69€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-BIG-ACC-000005
Wpro Magnetic Water ConditionerThe Wpro professional Anti-limescale Magnet helps to reduce the build up of limescale on the heating element of the appliances. As the water passes through the powerful 18000 Gauss magnets, the calcium molecules are prevented from forming into limescale resulting in le..
Ex Tax:12.82€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-VACBAG-000008
Cloth vacuum cleaner bags WPro PH176-MW PHILIPS OSLOMicrofiber fabric bags for Bosch / Siemens, 4pcsContents:4x bags with 5 level filter system1x micro filterFor brooms: AIRMATE, BOMANN, CTC-CLATRONIC, DIRT DEVIL, KARSTADT, LLOYDS, MIO STAR, NILFISK, PHILIPS, ROWENTA, RUTONFor the following models:A..
Ex Tax:6.37€
Brand: Wpro Model: S-VACBAG-000006
WPro Sbag SB242-MWVacuum Cleaner Bag Philips/Electrolux E200BReplacement for: Philips standard bag/Electrolux E200BPackage Contents:4x microfiber bags with 5-layer filter system1x filterSuitable for:Philips- Specialist FC9100 - FC9149- Performer FC9150 - FC9179- Universe FC9000 - FC9049- Jewel FC905..
Ex Tax:6.37€
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