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Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-COOKER-000018
WHIRLPOOL ACMK 6433/IXWhirlpool ACMK 6433 / IX Mixed Kitchen (8003437221804)3 Gas Stoves, 1 Electric and Electric OvenA61 liters11 FunctionsOven:Cleaning system - Catalytic panelsQuick door cleaningFocus:6th EFFECTIVE technology1 electric with a diameter of 100 mm and a power of 3000 W.1 semiconduct..
Ex Tax:370.16€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-DISHW-45-000003
Whirlpool ADP 301 IXWhirlpool ADP 301 IX Energy Class dishwasher A +, 6 washing programs, capacity 10 crockery and special tablet adjustment program, provides optimization of cycles.Special tablet adjustment program, provides the ability to optimize cycles (applies to all types of tablets: 4 in 1, 3..
Ex Tax:337.90€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-OVEN-000004
Built-in electric oven Whirlpool AKP 738 IX stainless steel color and automatic cleaning.MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS 5Many cooking methods. Multifunction 5 provides flexible cooking options that ensure excellent results, whatever the recipe.ABSOLUTE AESTHETICSThe ultimate collection. Admire the beauty of the..
Ex Tax:200.81€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-OVEN-000005
Built-in electric oven Whirlpool AKP 742 IX with oven operation programming clock, stainless steel color and automatic cleaning.MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS 5Many cooking methods. Multifunction 5 provides flexible cooking options that ensure excellent results, whatever the recipe.ABSOLUTE AESTHETICSThe ultima..
Ex Tax:241.13€
Whirlpool AKR 313 IX
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Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-GAS-000001
Whirlpool AKR 313 IXCast iron grills for maximum stability in utensilsNumber of hearths 4Reinforced with double crown with diameter 11.3 cm & power 3500 W2 semiconductors with a diameter of 6.9 cm & power 1750 W.1 auxiliary with a diameter of 4.9 cm & power 1000 WSafety valveBuilt-in ign..
Ex Tax:192.74€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000004
Whirlpool AKT 8090 / LX Autonomous Ceramic Hob2 Years Manufacturer WarrantyIndependent ceramic hob unit with stainless steel frame (right and left only)Touch keysIt has self-timer hobs4 ceramic zones:1 with dimension 21 cm, power 2100 W1 with dimension 18 cm, power 1700 W2 with dimension 14.5 cm, po..
Ex Tax:184.68€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000003
Whirlpool AKT 8601 IXHobs Whirlpool AKT8610 IX Built-in with perimeter stainless steel frame and 5 cooking zones.Innovative technology, sophisticated controls and special features that make it easy for you to prepare wonderful dishes and reduce cleaning time, while helping you through automatic sett..
269.00€ 289.00€
Ex Tax:216.94€
Whirlpool B TNF 5012 OX Whirlpool B TNF 5012 OX
-25 %
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-FRIDG-BF-000005
Whirlpool B TNF 5012 OXThis free Whirlpool freezer has: Inox color. Inox Design. No Frost technology, against the accumulation of ice, which effectively prevents the accumulation of ice in the freezer, by reducing the humidity level. A device with a high height that will meet the needs of the whole ..
598.99€ 798.99€
Ex Tax:483.06€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-DHUM-000028
The dehumidifier WHIRLPOOL DE20W5252 with Hepa & Active Carbon Filter is ideal for spaces from 24m2 and up, with the possibility of collecting moisture 20lt / 24 hours and automatic shut-off to prevent overflow of the water tank. It has R290 coolant which has low environmental impact according t..
Ex Tax:184.68€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-WM-000006
Whirlpool FWG91484W EUWhirlpool FWG91484W EU washing machine 9 kg, 1400 rpm, energy class A +++ - 10% and with 6th sense technology for automatic adjustment of water, temperature and washing time depending on the load.CharacteristicsWashing Capacity (Kg): 9Dimensions in cm (H x W x H): 84.5 x 59.5 x..
Ex Tax:313.71€
Whirlpool MAX 24 Whirlpool MAX 24
-38 %
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-MWOVENS-000007
Microwave oven in curved shape Whirlpool MAX 24Whirlpool MAX 24 independent microwave oven with curved back Ideal for corner mounting (diagonal).Specific! Curved! Microwave oven in white color.Jet Start mode: It is the ideal solution to heat a cup of coffee or milk by simply pressing a button that a..
99.00€ 158.99€
Ex Tax:79.84€
Whirlpool MWF 421 SL Whirlpool MWF 421 SL
New 2-4 Days
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-MWOVENS-000009
Microwave Oven Whirlpool MWF 421 SLMicrowave Power 800 WPower Levels 10Capacity 25 ltInox colorOperation Type DigitalGrill function YesWidth 49 cmDepth 42.6 cmHeight 32 cm..
Ex Tax:144.35€
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