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Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X

Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
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Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X
Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 PF X

Narrow 45cm. Dishwasher Whirlpool WSFO 3O34 OF X for 10 stainless steel dishes.

Innovative technology, special features and user-friendly controls for excellent cleaning and drying results, easier cleaning and ease of use through automatic adjustments.

NATURALDRY The automatic opening of the door at the end of the program ensures better and more natural drying. This system guarantees higher energy efficiency and better drying results.

POWERCLEAN PRO Through the operation of the powerful water jets on the back of the machine, superior cleaning results are provided even with the hardest stains. Smart sensors detect the level of stains and adjust the water pressure accordingly.

ADJUSTABLE THIRD SHELF The third rack is ideal for accommodating cutlery and utensils and is equipped with sliding units that allow for easier loading of higher items on the top shelf.

SENSOR TECHNOLOGY No prewash required. SENSE 6 technology provides excellent washing results without the need for pre-washing, soaking or hand rubbing, while effectively reducing water consumption and costs.

START DELAY Customized for you. The Start Delay option allows you to adjust the dishwasher to start the wash cycle whenever it suits you best, saving time and energy.

ECOFRIENDLY Excellent savings. SENSOR 6 technology EcoFriendly uses smart sensors to constantly monitor the wash cycle and detect the dirt level, adjusting the pores accordingly. Enjoy ideal cleansing results and save up to 50% in energy, water and time. * (* Comparison between minimum and maximum consumption in 6th SENSE programs.)

FLEXIBLE WASHING OPTIONS Ideal space management. Increase, decrease or adjust the space in the dishwasher compartment as desired, map on the hinged shelves and folding grill teeth.

10 INSTALLATION SETTINGS All the space you need. This Whirlpool dishwasher provides 10 flexible installation settings, so you always have all the space you need.

THIRD BASKET All the space you need. The Whirlpool dishwasher provides a third basket: it is the ideal solution for extra load capacity, so you never run out of space.

EXTRASPACE Revolution in space management. The unique ExtraSpace design allows the vertical loading of the kitchen utensils, in the lower basket, providing you with space for 10 extra dishes. Save space, save time.

FLEXISPACE Design your space. FlexiSpace hinged baskets allow you to arrange food easily and quickly in the dishwasher compartment.

REMOVABLE UP BASKET Removable top basket. The removable top basket of the dishwasher allows you to create extra space when needed, as well as to place utensils with an unusual shape, without effort.

SILENT Silent performance. The Whirlpool dishwasher is designed to provide ideal washing results, while ensuring operation with as little noise as possible.

WATER CONSUMPTION 9 LITERS Eco-friendly efficiency. The innovative technology ensures that the Whirlpool dishwasher will offer excellent results with just 9 liters of water per wash cycle.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: D Optimal energy efficiency. Your dishwasher's energy rating D will allow you to enjoy excellent performance and optimal energy reduction.


This Whirlpool dishwasher has: Inox color. Energy efficiency class D. Adjustable feet, for perfect stability on non-flat floors and surfaces. A handy digital countdown timer that notifies you when the wash cycle is complete. Innovative technology that ensures extremely quiet performance, so that the device operates with minimal noise.


  • Product height 850
  • Product width 450
  • Product depth 590
  • Minimum dimension width 590


  • Energy efficiency class D
  • Energy consumption for 100 cycles of Eco 67 program
  • Wash efficiency A
  • Drying performance A
  • The water consumption of the eco program in liters per cycle 9
  • Maximum temperature for water intake (° C) 60
  • Airborne acoustic noise emissions 44
  • Current (A) 10
  • Number of programs 8


  • Maximum number of dishes 10
  • Type of construction Free
  • Adjustable legs Yes - everything
  • Digital countdown indicator Yes
  • Possibility of washing only in one basket Up and Down
  • Adjustable upper basket Yes
  • Basket with handle Yes
  • Electronic salt addition indicator Yes
  • Polish indication Yes
  • Main color of product Inox
  • Code EAN 8003437233463
  • Power supply cable length (cm) 130
  • Inlet pipe length (cm) 155
  • Outlet pipe length (cm) 150


  • Eco Program Yes
  • Eco Yes
  • Glass Yes
  • Pre Wash Yes
  • Intensive 65 ° Yes
  • Self Clean Yes
  • Availability of short program Yes
  • Rapid Yes
  • Later start Multiple choice
  • Maximum later start (h) 24
Category Dish Washers
Type Free Standing
Specifications & Performance
Color Inox
Energy Class EEI2019 A+++
Energy Class EEI2021 D
Noise Level (dB) 44
Depth (cm) 60
Height (cm) 85
Width (cm) 45
More Informations
Dishes (set) 10

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  • Stock: 2-4 Days
  • Model: S-DISHW-45-000011
  • Weight: 50.00kg
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