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Whirlpool AKT 8601 IX

Whirlpool AKT 8601 IX
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Whirlpool AKT 8601 IX

Whirlpool AKT 8601 IX

Hobs Whirlpool AKT8610 IX Built-in with perimeter stainless steel frame and 5 cooking zones.

Innovative technology, sophisticated controls and special features that make it easy for you to prepare wonderful dishes and reduce cleaning time, while helping you through automatic settings.


Perfect cooking at low temperature. Ben-Marie mode allows you to cook at very low temperatures, thus providing an ideal solution for melting chocolate or butter, as well as for cooking light, delicate sauces.


Full control in cooking. The control buttons are conveniently placed on the front of your hob, ensuring a perfect cooking experience.


  • Product width 590
  • Depth of product 510
  • Product height 46
  • Net Weight (kg) 7.6
  • Electrical connection (W) 6200

Type Ceramic

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Ex Tax: 216.94€
  • Stock: 1
  • Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000003
  • Weight: 9.00kg
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