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Kratki WCW 200 (showroom)

Kratki WCW 200 (showroom)
Kratki WCW 200 (showroom)
Kratki WCW 200 (showroom)
Kratki WCW 200 (showroom)
Kratki WCW 200 (showroom)
Kratki WCW 200 (showroom)
Kratki WCW 200 (showroom)

Steel Heater Exchanger Kratki WCW 200 with Φ200 10KW power outlets for installation on the exhaust outlet of your fireplace - fireplace.

The Kratki WCW 200 heat exchanger is a real solution for those who want to either keep the feel and aesthetics of the traditional open fireplace, but also to help the existing radiator heating system, or to add the possibility of heating water to an existing or new energy focus. The WCW exchanger is a system of combining a sleeve and pipes that can be placed at the outlet of the chimney of a fireplace and pump the often lost heat energy of the exhaust gases and convert it into hot water, then transfer it to the radiators or for the production of domestic hot water.

  • Rated Power 10KW *
  • Yield 75%
  • Chimney outlet 20cm.
  • Water content 16 Liters
  • Exhaust gas inversion diaphragm
  • Max. Pressure 2 bar
  • Connections 2 ''
  • Dimensions (PBY) 57 x 31 x 58 cm.

Can be combined with any water heating system.

* depending on the installation method.

Category Water Exchanger
Type Chimney
Specifications & Performance
Nominal Power (KW) 10
Nominal Power (Kcal) 8600
Power to Water (KW) 10
Efficiency (%) 75
Water Capacity (Lt) 16
Combustion Outlet Diameter (cm) 20
Intake Air Diameter (cm) Νot Αvailable
Heating Volume max (sqm) 250
Width (cm) 57
Depth (cm) 31
Height (cm) 58
Weight (Κgr) 66

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  • Model: Oi-ECX-WW-000001
  • Weight: 65.00kg
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