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Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE

Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
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Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE
Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE

Free front loading washing machine Whirlpool FFB 9458 WV EE 9 kg 1400 rpm.

Innovative technology and special features, which enhance the washing results, maintain the quality of the fabrics and help you through automatic adjustments.

CAPACITY 9 KG All the space you need. With a 9 kg bucket capacity, this Whirlpool washing machine provides all the space you need for your laundry.

INVERTER ENGINE Silent operation. Whirlpool's innovative Inverter Motor is designed to ensure long, quiet operation. Enjoy excellent washing results at the same time and extra calm and quiet.

1400 RPM Excellent speed. This Whirlpool washing machine has a speed of 1400 rpm.

FRESHCARE + Keep your clothes fresh after the end of the program. The innovative FreshCare + system takes care of your clothes when they stay in the washing machine, with gentle action of steam and rotation. The new FreshCare system + gently massages the clothes, with rhythmic slow movements that alternate with action of steam - allowing air to circulate through the fibers, to keep clothes fresh and to prevent unpleasant odors. Thanks to the FreshCare + function, the clothes will be really fresher and you will be really carefree - even hours after the end of the program. The FreshCare + function prevents the development of the main sources of unpleasant odors (in the washing machine) for up to 6 hours after the end of the wash. Not compatible with programs designed for delicate clothing and duvets.

STEAM FRESHING SteamRefresh refreshes the freshness of your clothes by avoiding unnecessary washing. In this special rejuvenating cycle, the washing machine produces a stream of steam that penetrates the fibers, removing unpleasant odors, loosening the fibers and softening wrinkles. The clothes are ready to be worn again in just 20 minutes.

STAIN LEVEL Automatic adjustment of results. This Whirlpool washing machine detects the level of dirt on clothes and automatically selects the optimal wash settings, depending on the stains, so that you always enjoy perfect results.

CHILD SAFETY Safety above all. This Whirlpool washing machine has a child safety system, which prevents infants and children from accidentally using the appliance.

DAILY LOAD Daily wash effortlessly. The Daily Load program completes the washing of an average daily load (3.5 kg) of a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers at 40 ° C.

STARTING DELAY Start washing whenever it is convenient for you. The start delay option allows you to set the washing machine to start its cycle whenever it is convenient for you, saving time and energy.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: C Higher energy efficiency. Enjoy superior performance with high energy savings in energy class C.


This free Whirlpool washing machine has: white color. Extremely large capacity 9.0 kg. High, economical spin speed of 1351 revolutions per minute. Exclusive SENSE 6 technology, which dynamically adapts the settings to each specific load, ensuring ideal care for all fabrics. The program "Colored 15" offers absolute color preservation, washing fabrics at 15C but achieving the same result by washing at 40C.


  • Product height 850
  • Product width 595
  • Product depth 630


  • Type of construction Free
  • Front loader
  • Maximum capacity in kg 9
  • Main color of product White
  • Color of Door White
  • Type of Display Large Digits
  • Adjustable legs Yes - everything
  • Net Weight (kg) 71
  • Code EAN 8003437044090
  • Electrical connection (W) 1850
  • Power supply cable length (cm) 120


  • Energy efficiency class C
  • The water consumption of the eco program in liters per cycle 50
  • Weighted energy consumption in kWh per 100 wash cycles of the eco program 40-60 66
  • The spin speed at rpm of the eco program 40-60 in the nominal capacity 1351
  • Drying performance B
  • Airborne acoustic noise emissions 78
  • Current (A) 10
  • Multiple turns
  • Later start Multiple choice
  • Separate options for temperature control Gradations


  • Cotton 40 Yes
  • Cotton 60 Yes
  • Mixed / Magic 40 Yes
  • Synthetics 30 Yes
  • Wool Yes
  • Rapid 30 'Yes
  • Big Items / Duvet Yes
  • Delicates Yes
  • Sport / Outdoor Yes
  • Rinse & Spin Yes
  • Drain & spin Yes
  • Eco 40-60 Yes
  • 20 ° C Yes
Category Washing Machines
Type Front Loading
Specifications & Performance
Washing Capacity (Kgr) 9
Max Spin (rps) 1400
Energy Class EEI2019 A+++
Energy Class EEI2021 B
Width (cm) 60
Depth (cm) 63
Height (cm) 85

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  • Model: S-WM-000043
  • Weight: 70.00kg
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