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Washing machine - Samsung dryer with a capacity of 8 kg for washing and 4.5 for drying to save space at home!

The clothes of the whole family are now very clean, without unpleasant odors but also completely sterile so that you can enjoy the absolute feeling of freshness. The Samsung WD80K5A100W / LV washing machine-dryer is an essential household appliance for every household, which in addition to the upgraded washing capabilities, also saves energy with Energy Class A.

It can wash up to 8kg of clothes, the drying capacity is 4.5kg. Quantity capable of covering clothes for 2-3 days, so you can quickly put on your favorite fabrics and clothes again. It offers a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm while all the settings of washing and drying will be able to do them from the large and easy-to-use built-in screen.

Observing the front door of the washing machine - dryer, at the top there is a smaller door. In combination with Add Wash technology, through this smaller but flexible door, you will be able to add forgotten clothes even during washing. In fact, you can even add clothes that you have already washed by hand, during the rinsing process to save time.

The washer-dryer also has Eco Bubble technology which allows the bubbles to achieve a high level of purification even at low temperatures. At the same time, Air Wash technology will offer enhanced freshness and sterile clothing, to completely eliminate unpleasant odors and bacteria. While if you want to remove even the most difficult stains, Bubble Soak technology will allow the detergent to penetrate the fibers of the clothes so that you can receive them very cleanly.

Samsung AddWash: Add clothes during washing!

Type Front Loading
Specifications & Performance
Washing Capacity (Kgr) 8
Drying Capacity (Kgr) 4.5
Max Spin (rps) 1200
Energy Class EEI2019 A
Width (cm) 60
Depth (cm) 60
Height (cm) 85

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Ex Tax: 563.70€
  • Stock: 2-4 Days
  • Model: S-WDRYER-000003
  • Weight: 55.00kg
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