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Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000020
WAHL 9243-2216 HOME PROHOME PRO 9243-2216 Corded hair clipper.The ergonomic model and the soft-touch grip make the Home Pro suitable for effortless prolonged cutting sessions.Key Features:Wahl Precision Blade. Self-sharpening, precision-ground blade for professional cutting with even results.Wahl St..
Ex Tax:24.11€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000021
WAHL 9247-1316 HOME PRO 300HOME PRO 300 Corded hair clipper.For anyone looking for a clipper and not a gadget. A real Wahl classic with the power and quality you can expect from a Wahl clipper.Key Features:Wahl Precision Blade. Self-sharpening, precision-ground blade for professional cutting with ev..
Ex Tax:44.27€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000026
Hair Clipper WAHL 9698-1016 HAIR & BEARD LEDHAIR & BEARD LED Rechargeable hair clipper.The 9600 Hair & Beard Series is a hybrid clipper range that is characterized by being suitable for both hair cutting as well as beard trimming.Key FeaturesHybrid bladeset. Smaller than standard cl..
Ex Tax:32.18€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000022
WAHL BLADE ICE 2999-7900 400mlBLADE ICE 4 in1 SprayCooling, oiling and cleaning400 mlMADE IN GERMANY..
Ex Tax:6.85€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000024
WAHL CLIPPER OIL 10mlA specially compounded oil for hair clippers. Place a few drops on teeth of clipper while running at start and finish of each hair cut.MADE IN U.S.A...
Ex Tax:2.82€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000023
WAHL SPECIAL BLADE OIL 1854-7935 200mlBLADE OIL ​​​​​For professional care of blade sets.200 ml..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000014
WAHL 1910-0467 LITHIUM PRO LEDWAHL LITHIUM PRO LED 1910-0467Li-Ion hair clipper. Lithium Pro series. These clippers, manufactured in Europe, have a diamond-ground cutting blade, are made of high-quality German full metal and guarantee perfect results.Key FeaturesRinsable, precision-ground bladeset. ..
Ex Tax:64.44€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000004
WAHL 30270 9639-816 HAIRCUT & BEARDPowerful long-lasting motor.Blade material: Self-adhesive stainless steel and carbon fiber. Detachable and washable. Voltage adjustment for use in any part of the world, 100 / 240V. Power: Powerful long-lasting motor. Blade material: Self-adhesive stainless steel a..
Ex Tax:35.89€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000001
WAHL 9854L 2916LITHIUM ION TOTAL BEARD GROOMING KITART. NO: 09854-2916• Blade material: Professional, self-adhesive steel bladeswith carbon fiber.• Cutting width: 30 mm.• Cutting length: 0.5 mm.• Combs: 3 for the beard (1.5, 3, 4.5 mm), 8 for the hair (3, 6, 10, 13, 16,19, 22, 25 mm), 1 6-position c..
Ex Tax:56.37€
Brand: WAHL Model: S-MAN-000005
WAHL Groomsman Pro 3030-0471 9855-1216Trimmer rechargeable with professional self-tapping steel blades and 4 spare parts from Wahl!Hair clipper for beards.Fabric Material: Stainless SteelSelf-adhesive TilesNumber of Length Settings: 6Number of Comb Generations: 4Detachable Heads: Head for details, H..
Ex Tax:32.18€
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