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Hoover BV11 011 BRAVE

Hoover BV11 011 BRAVE
Hoover BV11 011 BRAVE
Hoover BV11 011 BRAVE
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Hoover BV11 011 BRAVE
Hoover BV11 011 BRAVE
Hoover BV11 011 BRAVE
Hoover BV11 011 BRAVE

Hoover BV11 011 Brave vacuum cleaner with a power of 700 Watt, with a bag capacity of 2.3 lt, cleaning efficiency on hard floor A and accessory 2 in 1 for cracks and dusting brush.

Hoover BV11 011 Brave Vacuum Cleaner with high performance and maximum flexibility of use.

Hoover Brave is designed to be easy, fast and comfortable to use. It is small in size to move everywhere without difficulty even between obstacles and weighs only 4.8 kg. The radius of action of 7.5 meters makes it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized apartments while the additional cleaning accessories are fastened on the body, so that they are always available when you need them.

Small size and flexibility with maximum autonomy: The Hoover Brave, with a small body, offers maximum flexibility and ease of use, but the large bag capacity, which reaches 2.3 liters, makes it an ideal choice in its dimensions and autonomy. With this capacity, you do not need to change the bag often, making wiping a less time consuming process.

360 ° pipe system - Follows you everywhere! The tube rotation system, 360 ° degrees, is incredibly easy to clean, since you can clean without pulling the broom, lifting its weight. The tube follows you, with the body remaining stable. The ability to rotate the tube 360 ​​° helps in great flexibility, making sweeping the house an easy and less time consuming process.

2-in-1 accessories, on the body, for maximum convenience: The combination of 2 accessories in 1 makes the Brave, an ideal choice for large square houses with many different requirements, increasing autonomy and turning wiping into a less time consuming process.

Built-in handle for easy transport: The built-in handle turns the Brave into a broom easy to move from one room to another, making storage and transport easier.


  • Energy Class A
  • Carpet Cleaning Performance D
  • Hard Floor Cleaning Performance A
  • Power 700 Watt
  • Capacity 2.3 lt
  • Noise Level 79 db
  • Absorption of Solids
  • Bag Dust Collection
  • Dust Emission C
  • Annual Energy Consumption 27 kWh
  • Micro Filter Type
  • Suitable for Pets No.
  • Indication for Bag Change It has
  • Electronic Absorption Adjustment None
  • Telescopic metal tube
  • Color White
  • Accessories Sole for floors and carpets, Accessory 2in1 for cracks and dusting brush
  • Weight in Kg 3.7
  • Supplier Warranty 2 years

Manufacturer Website:

Type Bagged
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 2.3
Power (W) 700
Noise Level (dB) 79

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