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Brand: TRISTAR Model: S-BBQ-000004
Tristar BP-2780The Tristar BP-2780 Griddle and Electric BBQ is a real asset to every household. The griddle is ideal to grill inside but also outside in the garden. With a baking surface of 37 x 25 cm , the griddle is ideal to quickly grill some hamburgers. This beautifully designed table grill real..
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Tristar EM-2099 Tristar EM-2099
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Brand: TRISTAR Model: S-FOODPRO-000047
Tristar EM-2099 Food slicerThe durable and powerful Tristar EM-2099 Meat Slicer cuts any meat, cheese and bread with ease. Cut meat in thin slices or bread in thick slices for sandwiches by adjusting the thickness anywhere from 0 to 15 millimeters. All removable parts are dishwasher safe so cleaning..
84.90€ 129.90€
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Tristar EM-2107 Tristar EM-2107
-34 %
Brand: TRISTAR Model: S-FOODPRO-000048
Tristar EM-2107 Electric Knife 120WCutting bread and frozen meat is easy with the Tristar EM-2107 Electric Knife. This handy knife ensures that you no longer suffer from painful hands and arms when cutting hard or frozen products. The electric knife comes with one set consisting of two knives for ha..
24.90€ 37.90€
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Tristar FR-6902GR Tristar FR-6902GR
-34 %
Brand: TRISTAR Model: S-COOKING-000021
Tristar FR-6902GR Deep fryerStylish stainless steel deep fryer with a capacity of 3 liters. Thanks to the cool zone, food residues do not burn so the frying fat stays clean longer and less odors are released during use. With its high power of 2180 W the fryer heats up quickly.Handle YesNumber of pro..
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Brand: TRISTAR Model: S-WOMAN-000029
With the TRISTAR HD-2388 the straightener is easy to use and is equipped with ceramic coated plates. The temperature of 220° ensures a perfect and quick styling of your hair. Thanks to the 360° rotating power cord and safety lock, it is even easier to use.CharacteristicsPlates: with ceramic coating...
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Brand: TRISTAR Model: S-PROHEAT-000015
Telemax Star Heating MirrorThe electric wall-mounted heating mirror Star from Telemax infrared radiation is the most efficient and economical way of heating. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. An option suitable for heating your space during the winter months. Provides instant heat, no w..
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Tristar PZ-9145 XXL 1500W Tristar PZ-9145 XXL 1500W
-28 %
Brand: TRISTAR Model: S-COOKING-000024
Electric pan (Teppanyaki) with 4-position divider Tristar PZ-9145 XXL 1500W a multifunctional grill - grill XXL.The Tristar PZ-9145 Electric pan is a large, flexible electric pan that can be used for a variety of purposes. With the separator accessory, you can make multiple meals at once. You can ea..
35.90€ 49.90€
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