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ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo

ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
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ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo
ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo

Beard trimmer ROWENTA TN3800 Virtuo for perfect results and crooked beard styling.

Enjoy perfect cutting results with one stroke, even on thick hair with Rowenta Virtuo! Easily create any style, regardless of the length of your reeds, with this extremely expensive razor with up to 39 cutting lengths. In addition, the clipper works for up to 120 minutes and the ability to monitor the battery charge level makes your haircut sessions even more comfortable!


Your style - your rules! With the Rowenta Virtuo clipper, you can easily achieve the cutting results you want. Titanium coated blades offer you a perfect cut in one go, even on extremely thick hair. A straw of a few days, an aesthetic beard or perfectly smooth skin - the razor will work in each of these cases. All thanks to the 39 cutting lengths and the precise adjustment every 0.5 mm! A powerful lithium ion battery guarantees up to 120 minutes of work and its charge lasts only 90 minutes! For even more haircut comfort, you can monitor the battery charge level and use the clippers wirelessly. In addition, the set includes a high quality case that will be ideal for travel.

  • EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION: Case included. The device can be easily stored and carried in the case, ideal for travel.
  • EFFECTIVE WORK: Strong engine. Thanks to the powerful engine (6500 rpm), you will achieve perfect results with a single trip, saving time.
  • ALWAYS EXACT RESULTS: Locking system. The smart nose lock guarantees maximum cutting accuracy, without the risk of accidentally changing the settings.
  • DURABILITY FOR YEARS: Reliable blades. The razor blades have been carefully designed and used - for satisfactory cutting sessions of up to 15 years *.
  • PERFECT RESULTS: Two components and 39 cutting lengths. The razor is perfect for both short stalks and longer beards. Excellent cutting accuracy guarantees 2 combs and 0.5 mm adjustment with the possibility of adjusting up to 39 cutting lengths (from 0.5 mm to 20 mm)!
  • EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE CUTTING: Self-sharpening blades. Titanium plated blades offer you a perfect cut in one go, even on thick, dense hair. The technology of self-sharpening knives guarantees effective haircuts for a long time.
  • FULL INDEPENDENCE: Autonomy 120 '. The extremely powerful and efficient lithium-ion battery guarantees the operation of the device for up to 120 minutes - up to 2 months * without the need for recharging!
  • FULL CHECK: Battery charge indicator. The battery level light makes it easy to monitor the operation of the device for even greater comfort and easy cutting sessions.
  • TIME SAVING: Maximum fast charging. Thanks to the fast battery charging function, it only takes 4 minutes to complete a haircut session *. The battery is fully charged in just 90 minutes!
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT OF USE: Convenient solutions. The razor can be used wirelessly, its ergonomic design and the ability to charge via the USB port make it possible to use the razor comfortably wherever you want!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wash blades. Thanks to the blades that can be washed under running water, cleaning the razor is even more convenient.


  • Modern blade design
  • Cutting length display
  • Adjustable wheel
  • Beard blade
  • A kind of beard trimmer - Efficient
  • Operation for a 3-day beard
  • Beard type: 3-day beard and long beard
  • Quick charge battery
  • Wired and wireless use
  • Lithium-ion Battery Type
  • Removable cutting head
  • Cleaning Washable head
  • Cleaning kit Oil + brush
  • LED charging indicator
  • Storage Case
Category Beard Trimmer

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