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Thermogatz TG-P1201A
Brand: THERMOGATZ Model: S-PROHEAT-000017
Thermogatz Gas Heater with Power 8kW TG-P1201ADescriptionPortable outdoor gas fireplace.With lava stones and decorative ceramic logs.Gas Type: Propane, Butane (LPG).Maximum power: 8kW.Consumption: 576-599g/h.Electronic ignition.Drop sensor.Safety thermals.Four glass sides. The fire in the fireplace ..
Ex Tax:379.03€
Thermogatz TG4100
-13 %
Gas heater Thermogatz TG4100LPG: LPG G30 / G31Automatic ignitionEnergy Class: ΑBody: metalBlack colorCeramic burnersSwitch with 3 efficiency stagesSmall 1,55Kw - 110gr / hMedium 2.9Kw - 207gr / hLarge 4.1Kw - 299gr / h3 Safety valvesOxygen sensorDrop sensorSafety thermalSpace for gas bottle: 10kgThe..
129.90€ 148.80€
Ex Tax:104.76€
Thermogatz TGS 5021 WH Thermogatz TGS 5021 WH
Brand: THERMOGATZ Model: S-CKR-MXD-000005
Thermogatz TGS 5021 WH Gas Cooker 49lt with Gas Hobs W60cm. PoplarThe Thermogatz kitchen features gas hobs that consist of eyes and a metal frame to support the cookware. The flame is visible and you can adjust its size at any time, so this helps with cooking safety and the gas supply is shut off wh..
Ex Tax:354.03€
Thermogatz TGS 6021 IX Thermogatz TGS 6021 IX
Brand: THERMOGATZ Model: S-CKR-MXD-000005
Thermogatz TGS 6021 IX Gas Stove 49lt with Gas Hobs W60cm. Stainless steelThermogatz TGS 6021 IX gas stove:LPG G30 / G31Natural gas NG G203 cooking methodsAuto Ignition*Energy Class AColor: INOX with silver sidesSafety thermalsThermostatGlass lidMechanical timerDouble glass door (removable)Black swi..
Ex Tax:395.16€
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