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Brand: Telco Model: S-KITCH-000009
Kitchen scale glass CFC2021TelcoSpecifications:Maximum weighing weight: 5KgGrading: 1g4 high precision sensors2 touch sensors on both sides of the display base4 different units of measurement (gr, fl. Oz, lb: oz, ml)Large LCD screen"Milk-Water-Weight" option"T" hook on the back for mounting the devi..
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Telco E0103T
-38 %
Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000012
Telco E0103T desktop digital weather station with external wireless sensor, time display, alarm function and alarm snooze. Suitable for indicating indoor and outdoor temperature with the possibility of selecting a unit of measurement ° C or ° F and recording the maximum and minimum temperature.Speci..
9.90€ 15.90€
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000008
Telco E0113H Black Clock Thermobarometer With Humidity Indication.Clock Thermobarometer With Humidity Indication Telco E0113H Black.Characteristics:Temperature displayHumidity indicatorTime displayAlarm clockMinimum / maximum temperature recordingWith illuminated blue screen..
Ex Tax:8.79€
Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000007
Telco Thermometer and Humidity Meter E0119THspecificationsTemperature displayHumidity indicatorAbility to select a unit of measurement ° C or ° FRecord maximum and minimum temperatureIndication of a satisfactory atmosphereRefrigerator temperature recording3 placement options:Wall-mountedMagneticFree..
Ex Tax:7.18€
Brand: Telco Model: S-FAN-000007
Telco FW-50Power: 130WDiameter: 20 ”-50cmHigh performanceSilent mode3 wingsRotating 90 °3 speeds1296 rpmWith remote controlRemote control functions:Select ON / OFSpeed selection (low-medium-high)Selecting or not rotating the fan..
Ex Tax:79.83€
Telco IW001N
-35 %
Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000006
Meteorological station Telco IW001N with external wireless sensor that provides the possibility of internal and external indication of temperature and humidity. It has a daily weather forecast function but also a barometric pressure indicator with a graphic display of it!Setting for 12/24 hours.Mont..
29.00€ 44.90€
Ex Tax:23.39€
Brand: Telco Model: S-FAN-000001
Telco L44003 TransparentTelco L44003 44 "110cm Ceiling Fan with remote control and transparent wings.Diameter: 110 cmSpeeds: 3Power Range: 40 - 79.9 W.Warranty: 2 yearsGross weight: 6.58 Kg..
Ex Tax:104.03€
Brand: Telco Model: S-FAN-000005
Telco OUIF-651..
Ex Tax:87.90€
Brand: Telco Model: S-FAN-000006
Telco OUWF-650..
Ex Tax:87.90€
Telco PA-GE9A-01SRF1
2-4 Days
Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000002
Remote Controlled Socket Telco PA-GE9A-01SRF1Convert any device you want fans, luminaires, etc. in remote controls with the TELCO set.Other FeaturesNo installation required, the product is ready for use with the set PA-GE9A-01SRF1 + SD-UN4-RFLearning function for easy synchronizationOperating r..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: Telco Model: S-AUTOM-000001
Telco PA-GE9A-01SRF1 + SD-UN4-RFConvert any device you want fans, luminaires, etc. in remote controls with the TELCO set.Characteristics:No installation required, the product is ready for useLearning function for easy synchronizationOperating range up to 30m.Adjustable code for extending and avoidin..
Ex Tax:12.01€
Brand: Telco Model: S-FAN-000004
Telco S42-327 Cherry110cm ceiling fan with remote controlDiameter: 44 "-110 cm.3 speeds5 WingsPower: 70WShower: E27Remote control*Wing material: MDFRemote control functions:Speed adjustmentFan DisableTurn on / Off LightTimer with a choice between 1,2,4 and 8 hours..
Ex Tax:87.90€
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