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Tefal SV6130

Tefal SV6130
Tefal SV6130
Tefal SV6130
Tefal SV6130
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Tefal SV6130
Tefal SV6130
Tefal SV6130
Tefal SV6130
Tefal SV6130

Tefal SV6130 Pressure Ironing System 5.7bar with 1.7lt Container

  • Power (Watt) 2200 W
  • Steam Supply (Continuous) 120gr/min
  • With Detachable Water Tank
  • With Ceramic Plate

Tefal SV6130 ironing system with a ceramic plate that glides over fabrics and makes ironing easier and more enjoyable. It has a notification function that lets you know when descaling is needed. The capacity of the water tank is 1700ml and can be refilled at any time.

Detachable 1.7lt water tank: The device's water tank is not fixed but removable, so that the user can refill it easily and quickly during ironing.

Xpress Glide ceramic plate: The plate with Xpress Glide technology ensures a unique glide for easier and more enjoyable ironing. This smooth surface allows the iron to glide easily over the fabric, reducing friction and speeding up the ironing process. In addition, the Xpress Glide plate is resistant to scratches and bumps, allowing the iron to remain in excellent condition for longer.

Vertical steam: With the possibility of vertical steam, fabrics such as curtains or clothes on hangers can be ironed vertically.

Safety function: With a safety lock system to protect the user from any accidents as well as an automatic power-off function.

Anti-scale system: Calc Clear technology that ensures long-lasting performance. Calc Clear technology refers to an innovative technology used in certain ironing devices, designed to minimize the build-up of scale and contaminants on the device and soleplate.


  • Power 2200 W
  • Water Tank Capacity 1700 ml
  • Steam Supply (Continuous) 120 gr/min
  • Steam Shot (Boost) 360gr/min
  • Steam pressure 5.7 bar
  • Iron weight 1.3 kg
  • Ceramic Plate Yes
  • Transfer Lock
  • Vertical Steam
  • Detachable Water Tank
  • Refill Every Moment
  • Salt Cleaning Notification Function
Category Ironing System
Type Steamgenerator
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 1.7
Power (W) 2200
Pressure (bar) 5.7
Steam Production (gr/m) 120
Steam Shot (gr) 360

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