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Taurus 1500 Pro American

Taurus 1500 Pro American
Taurus 1500 Pro American
Taurus 1500 Pro American
Taurus 1500 Pro American
Taurus 1500 Pro American

Taurus 1500 Pro American

Active professional 1500 American Blender

Professional blender with high performance motor. Get the best results in seconds. Its high power output and sharp 6 wing blade, are able to blend and pulverize even hardest ingredients. It chops ice cubes, make smoothies and blend creams and mixes with total ease.

2 L BLENDING JUG Highest grade Bisphenol-free jug. Marked with filling levels in two sides, resistant to high temperatures and intensive professional use, it has pouring output that allows and easy serve. Jug can be positioned both left and right, for an ambidextrous operation.

1500 W 2HP PROFESSIONAL POWER MOTOR With thermal security sensor ideal for intense and prolonged use, at high 30.000 r.p.m.

Control Panel:

  • Accurate speed regulator
  • Button on / offv
  • Turbo button or press: an extra strength, when you need the maximum power to work with food hard as ice or nuts.

HIGH ALLOY 6 WINGS BLADE In order to process even the hardest ingredients and transform them into the finest texture.

SEALING LID WITH SILICONE JOINT It avoids any leak thanks to its sealing ring and a safe operation.

Long-life durable and performant metallic steel jug coupling and drag pinion.

EASY CLEANING BODY Frontal and sides are straight for easy cleaning.The jug stands in a rubber gum that grips it, and buffer all vibrations during operation. It‘s easy to clean, too.

METALLIC GEARS The unit has a security magnet for the jug detection, and machine only operates when the jar is detected.

BOTTOM AND STANDING FEET A 1.8 mt. plug wire is provided, can be folded and rolled in the base thanks to the fixing clips. 4 anti-slip feet avoid any move and a secure operation while processing.

THERMAL SAFETY SWITCH In case of overheating due to prolonged use or stressed work overload, the unit protects the motor by activating this safety switch automatically. After some minutes of cool-down, it can be re-armed by the user.

A MIXING STICK Included for pushing big pieces of food and ice cubes from the practical orifice on the lid.

Category Blender
Specifications & Performance
Power (W) 1500W
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