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Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE

Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
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Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE

Steam iron Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE Steam spray like from an ironing system!

The high-performance Rowenta Steamforce iron with 3,100 Watt has as much steam emission as an ironing system *! Equipped with the stainless steel ironing board Microsteam400 ensures excellent slip and steam distribution. Provides perfect ironing results thanks to the excellent combination of high efficiency, effectiveness and precision.

Built-in compact steam generator: Up to 50% more steam in the fabric thanks to the built-in compact steam generator.

Ideal temperature monitoring: System with LED display that shows when the plate has reached the right temperature depending on the fabric you have chosen. Ideal for delicate clothes, perfect for protecting fabrics.

High efficiency: With continuous steam extraction up to 65 g / min for impressive wrinkle removal and strong steam release 230 g / min for the perfect removal of the most stubborn wrinkles. Ideal for both dry and thick fabrics, with the help of spray. The power of 3100 W ensures fast warm-up.

Perfect steam distribution in all directions: Unique patented Microsteam400 plate technology with 400 micro-holes for perfect steam distribution and rounded corners that ensure ideal slip in all directions.

Steam optimization: Motion sensor with intelligent electronic technology stops steam extraction when the steam iron is not moving, even if you leave it in a horizontal position. Optimizes the autonomy of the water tank and prevents the waste of steam.

Automatic safety shut-off: The steam iron automatically switches to standby mode when left unattended: after 8 minutes when in the upright position and after 30 seconds when in the horizontal position (on the plate). This prevents energy wastage and the risk of burns.

Excellent ironing accuracy: Rounded tip for easy and precise access to difficult areas such as pockets, seams and collars. Concentrated steam burst from the nose for absolute accuracy.

Long-lasting performance: The high-quality stainless steel plate ensures durable performance and slip, while the built-in anti-salt system prevents them from accumulating in the iron, as it helps the steam return, for perfect long-term ironing results.

No more water dripping stains: The Drop Stop system prevents water dripping stains on clothes, even if you are ironing at a low temperature.

Scratch resistant: Laser treatment of the plate ensures scratch resistance.

Convenient design: An ergonomic handle ensures improved comfort in using the iron.

Great ironing autonomy: No need for constant filling, thanks to the large water tank with a capacity of 350 ml.

Easy vertical ironing: Steaming delicate or large fabrics has now become a toy. Ideal for removing wrinkles from suits or other hanging clothes - even from curtains.

Repairable product 10 years: Designed for easy repair. Rapid delivery of spare parts at low cost for another 10 years 6,500 repair centers around the world.

Additional Features DW9240 STEAM FORCE:

  • Motion sensor - Electronic system that stops the supply of steam when the iron is not moving (even in a horizontal position)
  • Economy of steam especially when preparing the clothes on the ironing board
  • The water tank does not need frequent filling
  • Steam Force technology. New technology based on a steam pump system with a valve that guarantees 50% more steam "at the heart" of the fabric than a conventional steam iron.
  • LASER plate coating for greater abrasion resistance and better slipperiness
  • High Precision Tip
  • Adjustable steam 0-65 g
  • Drop stop
  • Spray
  • Self Clean self cleaning system
  • Anti-alkaline system against salts
  • Power: 3100 W
Category Electrical Iron
Type Steam
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 350
Power (W) 3100
Steam Shot (gr) 230
Steam Production (gr/m) 65

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