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Hisense H32A4BG Hisense H32A4BG
-36 %
Brand: Hisense Model: S-TV-000046
The HISENSE 32A4BG offers a unique 32-inch viewing experience. Elegant and slim, it will upgrade the aesthetics of the space you choose to place it and, of course, will impress you with the high definition image (HD, resolution 1366x768), to observe every detail. In addition, you will enjoy rich and..
229.00€ 359.00€
Ex Tax:184.68€
Hisense H43A6BG Hisense H43A6BG
-26 %
Brand: Hisense Model: S-TV-000045
The HISENSE 43A6BG is the 43-inch 4K Smart TV that upgrades your viewing level. Sleek and slim, it will fit perfectly in your space and, of course, will impress you with a 4K resolution image (3840x2160), for up to 4 times higher resolution compared to a Full HD TV. In addition, it supports HDR tech..
339.00€ 459.00€
Ex Tax:273.39€
LG 50NANO806PA NanoCell 50'' 4K LG 50NANO806PA NanoCell 50'' 4K
-38 %
Brand: LG Model: S-TV-000044
LG Smart LED TV 4K UHD 50NANO806PA HDR 50 "Πλούσια και ρεαλιστικά χρώματα σε Real 4K ανάλυσηΤεχνολογία NanoCellΕπεξεργαστής τετραπλού πυρήνα 4KΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣΣετ χωρίς βάση (ΠxYxB) χιλ. 1120 x 635 x 49.2Σετ με βάση (ΠxYxB) χιλ. 1120 x 718 x 257..
499.00€ 799.00€
Ex Tax:402.42€
LG 50UP78006LB LG 50UP78006LB
-26 %
Brand: LG Model: S-TV-000043
With the LG 50UP78006LB enjoy Real 4K UHD resolution with Active HDR to enjoy your favorite content to the fullest with impressive detail. The quad-core 4K processor upgrades your content to always give you the best viewing experience.CharacteristicsLED Panel technologyUltra HD 4K Screen Resolution5..
519.00€ 699.00€
Ex Tax:418.55€
LG 55NANO806PA NanoCell 55'' 4K LG 55NANO806PA NanoCell 55'' 4K
-34 %
Brand: LG Model: S-TV-000044
LG Smart LED TV 4K UHD 55NANO806PA HDR 55 "4K Ultra HDNanocellHDR, HDR10 +, HLGWebOS4 x HDMI2 x USBThanks to the Real 4K resolution of the NanoCell TV, the color rendering is amazing. At 8 million pixels, the Real 4K TV delivers a significantly sharper picture, with more detail than a standard HD TV..
589.00€ 899.00€
Ex Tax:475.00€
TESLA 32D615BHS 32'' HD WebOS TESLA 32D615BHS 32'' HD WebOS
-35 %
Brand: TESLA Model: S-TV-0000#
Series 6 TV - TESLA 32D615BHS Discover the simplicity of the webOS system!It has almost unlimited options to customize the system and menu according to your own needs and with its incredible ease of use and simple settings, it will become your favorite TV. Also add the quality sound and stunning UHD..
174.90€ 269.00€
Ex Tax:141.05€
Brand: TESLA Model: S-TV-000047
TESLA 32E310BH 32 "HD smart TV. There is no better model in this price range: Tesla Series 3 TVs are ideal for both your living room and your budget. Tesla TVs have great picture quality with vivid colors, stunning contrast and impressive details that will captivate you.FeaturesHD screen resolutionO..
Ex Tax:108.79€
Brand: TESLA Model: S-TV-000034
TV Series 6 TESLA 43S605BFS 43 "FHD AndroidBasic features:FHD screen resolutionAndroid TV operating systemBlack colorScreen Size 43CERTIFIED ANDROID TVThe whole family will love this TV with a certified Android TV 9 operating system and a variety of amazing features!UNLIMITED APPLICATIONSTesla TV ha..
Ex Tax:265.32€
WINSTAR 24HD20 24'' HD
-27 %
Brand: WINSTAR Model: S-TV-000003
TV LED WINSTAR 24HD20 24 '' HDScreen Width: 24 ″Panel technology: DLEDScreen Resolution: 1366 x 768Hotel operation: It hasDTV receiverDVB T / T2 / C / S / S2ATV receiverPAL SECAMBlack colorSound Power: 2 × 3 WattUSB Ports: Features (2)HDMI Ports: Features (3)Included: Remote control, 2 x AAA ba..
145.90€ 199.00€
Ex Tax:117.66€
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