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Izzy IZ-7004 La Crema

Izzy IZ-7004 La Crema
Izzy IZ-7004 La Crema
Izzy IZ-7004 La Crema with unparalleled aesthetics.

With its modern design and large glass surface, the Izzy Black Mirror kitchen scale fits into any kitchen. Its glass surface facilitates cleaning and offers durability and durability.

With touch buttons for convenience

By pressing the "UNIT" key, you can select the desired way of weighing different objects. It is possible to convert the weight measurement function into 4 units of measurement (grams, ml, fl.oz, lb: oz)

With tare function, the Izzy Black Mirror Kitchen Scale can individually calculate the weight of each ingredient you add. Gradually place the ingredients on the surface of the scales. The tare weight function does not take into account the weight of each previous material, so that you have absolute accuracy in every measurement!

Exact calculation… and with light!

The Black Mirror Izzy kitchen scale has an LCD screen with lighting and weighs up to 10 kg with a sensitivity of 1 gram. This way, you can accurately calculate the quantities in the instructions of each recipe!

Automatic on / off operation

The Black Mirror kitchen scale has an automatic on / off function for battery saving. In addition, it informs you when the batteries need to be changed as well as when the weight you have installed is greater than 10 kg.

  • Digital Screen
  • White color
  • Extra Accurate measurement of materials up to 10 kg Sensitivity 1gr Conversion to 4 units of measurement (gr, fl.oz, lb: oz, ml)
  • Supplier Warranty 2 years
  • Manufacturer Website

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  • Model: S-KITCH-000011
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