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SAMSUNG L4353RBAS8/EF Cooling Plus

SAMSUNG L4353RBAS8/EF Cooling Plus
SAMSUNG L4353RBAS8/EF Cooling Plus
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SAMSUNG L4353RBAS8/EF Cooling Plus
SAMSUNG L4353RBAS8/EF Cooling Plus
SAMSUNG L4353RBAS8/EF Cooling Plus

Fridge-freezer SAMSUNG RL4353RBAS8/EF with Cooling Plus™, 462 L

  • Power Cool & Power Freeze function
  • All Around Cooling
  • Freezer at the bottom
  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity 462 L

Smart cooling for great performance: The Smart Sensor system uses five sensors to monitor the temperature in your kitchen and the humidity levels inside the fridge. even how you normally use the fridge so it can make the appropriate settings. All you need to do is fill the fridge. It even has a sensor that notifies you if the door remains open for a long time.

Smart energy use & long life: Digital Inverter Technology: Enjoy smart energy use and long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently changes power and automatically adjusts speed according to cooling requirements. So the temperature is appropriate and efficient, with low noise levels and certified for 21 years*, backed by a 20-year warranty** (limited to the compressor only).

* Received 21-year durability certification from the Association of Electronics, Electronics & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker - VDE). Actual lifespan may vary depending on usage conditions. ** Applies to all DIT models sold from July 2022.

A shelf that frees up space in your fridge: The triple folding shelf gives you the flexibility to smartly store large items that you struggled with before. Fold the shelf back when you need to store a tiered cake or a tall bottle of wine. Or fold the shelf in half to store tall and narrow items such as a carton of orange juice while ensuring storage space.

Door pockets adjust to your needs: As your grocery list changes from week to week, the Samsung refrigerator is designed with four independently adjustable door pockets that help you store your groceries easily and conveniently. The compartments can be moved up or down to store tall bottles, and it features a wide compartment to hold large beverage containers and/or two rows of soda cans.

Designed to provide adequate space for food: The only bulky items inside the fridge should be your groceries, not light fixtures or protruding vents. Samsung's Simple Inner Wall Design expands storage capacity with strategically placed Multi Flow drawers and LED lighting that gives space to your fridge while presenting a sleek and sophisticated interior look.

The elegant LED display gives you the information you want: The display is placed in front, above the shelf, so that you have easy access to the settings. No need to take food out of the fridge and try to reach to the back of the fridge to adjust the temperature or select a function such as Power Freeze.

Multi Flow System: The Multi Flow system works on all levels - with small ventilation holes above each shelf - maintaining an even temperature in all parts of the fridge, especially after you open the door. The simultaneous cooling of each part of each chamber helps to keep your food fresh for a long time.

Glossy Deco Shelf: Every element of the new Samsung refrigerator is designed to impress, including the Glossy Deco Shelves. Choose between stainless steel or finished metal finish. Both add a touch of elegance and charm.

Deodorant: This deodorizer removes unpleasant odors, preserving the original taste of food.


  • Total capacity (litres) 462 ℓ
  • Clear width (mm) 700 mm
  • Clear height with hinge (mm) 1850 mm
  • Clear depth with door handle (mm) 690 mm
  • Net weight 83.5 kg
  • Cooling type All-Around Cooling
Category Fridge - Bottom Freezer
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 462
Color Silver
Cooling Technology No Frost
Energy Class EEI2021 F
Depth (cm) 69.5
Height (cm) 185
Width (cm) 70

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  • Model: S-FRIDG-BF-70-000016
  • Weight: 80.00kg
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