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Rowenta RR8227 WH

Rowenta RR8227 WH
Rowenta RR8227 WH

The robot vacuum cleaner Rowenta RR8227 WH X-PLORER has a bin for collecting dirt and dust, with a capacity of 700ml. It offers effective cleaning for all types of floors, such as wooden floors, tiles and marble. It is a smart broom that moves by itself in the room and captures dust, hair, or small trash. It helps to clean the house and saves you valuable time. In addition, it has a mopping function with a special cloth, to offer even more in-depth cleaning.

It has special sensors to avoid obstacles, so it avoids collision with them and changes direction automatically, as well as sensors to avoid falling from steps and ledges. At the same time, the mapping technology maps the space it cleans precisely, and captures it as a floor plan in the application that you can install on your mobile phone or tablet.

It automatically returns to the charging base when cleaning is complete. If the vacuum runs out of battery during cleaning, it automatically returns to the charging base with the fastest route, recharges the battery, and comes out again to finish cleaning from the exact spot it left.

Through the application from the mobile phone or tablet, you can have full control of the vacuum cleaner, such as choosing the cleaning functions, scheduling the cleaning, choosing the suction level, etc. So you can control the robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere, even if you're away from home, using built-in Wi-Fi and app control.

The time it can work continuously corresponds to 90 minutes, and it can clean spaces up to approximately 90m². Accordingly, the time it takes to fully charge again is 3 hours.

Features & Dimensions


Battery Life (Autonomy): 90min

Noise: 72dB

Height: 9.7cm

Width: 34cm

Depth: 34cm

Type Rechargeable
Specifications & Performance
Color White
Capacity (Lt) 0.7

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