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The Silence Force RO7746 vacuum cleaner is comfortable to use, quiet and very efficient. It has a high filtration bag Hygiene+ thanks to the EPA10 layer.

The users who have bought it distinguish it mainly because it is quite strong and its operation is relatively quiet.

Uniquely silent cleaning power
Silence Force offers unique sweeping results with a quiet operation of 67 dB(A) at full power, a noise level below that of an everyday conversation.

With allergy-friendly performance
The Allergy+ filtration system traps 99.98% of dust and allergens. Pet hair, mite debris and other particles are eliminated thanks to the high efficiency filter and Hygiene+ bag. Suitable for allergy sufferers or those with respiratory problems.

EffiTech engine
For better dust collection with lower energy consumption, the cutting-edge technology of the new EffiTech Motor system guarantees maximum energy savings.

Deep cleaning
Best-in-class cleaning results for a flawless home.

Huge capacity
The XL capacity of 4.5 L offers absolute comfort and greater autonomy so that you can sweep with ease.

Perfect flexibility
It moves very easily in any direction, thanks to the four 360° rotating wheels that offer greater flexibility and freedom of use.

Permanent high efficiency filter
This vacuum cleaner is designed to last, with a permanent filter that guarantees long-lasting performance and less maintenance.

Strong suction
The high-performance 2-position parquet brush helps to keep your home always clean every day and guarantees thorough cleaning.

Brand new, modern design
It offers a unique balance between aesthetics and user-friendly design, while its new size and handle will improve the way you clean.

No more cloud of dust when changing the bag
The Hygiene+ bag is the secret weapon for perfect filtration and improved hygiene, especially for allergy sufferers, as it prevents dust cloud formation and contact with it. It is equipped with an automatic closing flap and thanks to its large capacity you will have less frequent changes.

Compatible bags
It is compatible with Hygiene+ bags.

Basic accessories
Main brush, Parquet brush, Mini turbo brush, Crevice nozzle, Wallpaper nozzle, Soft brush

Why choose a vacuum cleaner with a bag?
Bag vacuums are the best choice for those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory conditions. On the one hand, they completely separate dust mites and other allergens from the operator of the vacuum cleaner during its operation, precisely thanks to the existence of the bag.

In addition, when it's time to change the bag, the whole process is completed in one movement, again without the user having to come into contact with its contents, while at the same time reducing the risk of spilling its contents on the floor.

Finally, in a vacuum cleaner with a bag, you do not need to clean its filter, since it is usually integrated into the bag.
Type Bagged
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 4.5
Power (W) 450

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