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Rowenta AC4461 4.8V
WINTER SALES 2022 -64 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-REVAC-000008
Rowenta AC4461 4.8V Extenso 4.8V hand vacuum cleaner with 375ml container.The Extenso AC4461 is a cordless Rowenta vacuum cleaner that provides excellent performance in small daily tasks. Its compact design and efficient cyclonic system deal with small daily damage comfortably, even in the most diff..
35.90€ 99.00€
Ex Tax:28.95€
Rowenta AC9736WO X-Touch Rowenta AC9736WO X-Touch
-34 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-REVAC-000007
Rowenta AC9736WO X-Touch 7.4V hand vacuum cleaner with 200ml containerConvenient, compact charging base, with autonomy of 10 minutes, small brush for gentle cleaning of sensitive points and a careful tip for corners, for unlimited cleaning of all difficult areas. In addition, it has an LED charging ..
99.00€ 149.00€
Ex Tax:79.84€
Rowenta CF2112 Rowenta CF2112
-23 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000035
Rowenta CF2112 curling iron with 16 mm rod diameter.Rowenta curling iron produces vivid, angelic curls, 16 mm in diameter. With a host of features, this curling iron is the perfect tool for ease of use.High temperature: 150 COn / off button..
19.90€ 25.92€
Ex Tax:16.05€
Rowenta CF4710 Rowenta CF4710
Out Of Stock
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000027
Rowenta CF4710CF4710 WAVES ADDICT4 different types of waves, depending on your mood!Rowenta introduces you to her first curling iron for wonderful hairstyles. It offers flexibility, as it is ideal for every hair type and gives flawless results and a natural look. Let your imagination run wild and cr..
Ex Tax:38.63€
Rowenta CV5422 Rowenta CV5422
-51 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000017
Rowenta CV5422CV5422 STUDIO DRY Small in size, but large in performance. Studio Dry offers the ideal styling package for high performance drying with absolute comfort and convenience. This high-performance hair dryer has a power of 2300 Effiwatt, ensuring efficient drying with low energy consumption..
23.90€ 49.00€
Ex Tax:19.27€
Rowenta CV7819 COPPER Rowenta CV7819 COPPER
-43 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000018
Rowenta CV7819 COPPERRowenta CV7819 Signature Pro AC COPPER FOR EVER Hair Sewer 2100W 100Km / h.Durability & High PerformanceLong-lasting AC professional motor2100W for efficient and fast dryingHigh air speed up to 100 km / h.Exact DryingThin 9 mm air collector for perfect formatting.Volume &..
39.90€ 69.90€
Ex Tax:32.18€
Rowenta CV8732 Rowenta CV8732
-49 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000016
Rowenta CV8732Rowenta CV8732 Infini Pro 2200 Watt hair dryer with Rowenta for Elite Keratin & Shine coating that combines keratin and tourmaline for shiny and beautiful hair.Characteristics2200 Watt2 Air SpeedProfessional Motor (AC motor)3 Temperature levels / settingsDifuserThe Rowenta CV8732 I..
35.90€ 69.90€
Ex Tax:28.95€
Rowenta DW5220 FOCUS EXCEL Rowenta DW5220 FOCUS EXCEL
-38 % Is Expected
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-IRN-000017
Steam iron Rowenta DW5220 FOCUS EXCEL Focuses on persistent wrinkles!Rowenta Focus Excel guarantees fast and perfect ironing down to the smallest detail. This steam iron has a power of 2700 W and a steam output of 180 g / min, is very easy to use, and has a high-precision metal nozzle and the best s..
69.00€ 111.00€
Ex Tax:55.65€
Rowenta DW8215 Pro Master Rowenta DW8215 Pro Master
New -38 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-IRN-000022
With the steam iron Rowenta DW8215 Pro Master, you enjoy incredibly fast ironing and professional quality results in a device with 2800 Watts and 200 g steam jet as well as the patented Microsteam 400HD Profile ironing board that maximizes ironing efficiency. The iron provides the best ste..
79.00€ 127.60€
Ex Tax:63.71€
Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE
-38 % Is Expected
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-IRN-000018
Steam iron Rowenta DW9240 STEAM FORCE Steam spray like from an ironing system!The high-performance Rowenta Steamforce iron with 3,100 Watt has as much steam emission as an ironing system *! Equipped with the stainless steel ironing board Microsteam400 ensures excellent slip and steam distribution. P..
118.00€ 189.00€
Ex Tax:95.16€
WINTER SALES 2022 -52 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-MOSQU-000001
Rowenta MN4010F0 Mosquito repellent Protection against mosquitoes without chemicals and odors.Free of chemicals and odorless: there is no danger to humans and animalsLong lasting, quiet and environmentally friendly mosquito trapVIOLEDS UV LED technology optimized to attract mosquitoesIt absorbs and ..
39.00€ 81.90€
Ex Tax:31.45€
New WINTER SALES 2022 -43 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-REVAC-000013
Powerful on all surfacesThe ROWENTA RH 9677 X-FORCE FLEX 8.60 rechargeable stick broom combines experience with performance. Performance that meets your expectations, thanks to the latest ROWENTA technologies: 185 Watts motor and powerful, 22V sliding battery for up to 35 minutes of autonomy. Experi..
229.00€ 399.00€
Ex Tax:184.68€
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