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Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000027
Rowenta CF4710CF4710 WAVES ADDICT4 different types of waves, depending on your mood!Rowenta introduces you to her first curling iron for wonderful hairstyles. It offers flexibility, as it is ideal for every hair type and gives flawless results and a natural look. Let your imagination run wild and cr..
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Rowenta CV5422 Rowenta CV5422
-51 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000017
Rowenta CV5422CV5422 STUDIO DRY Small in size, but large in performance. Studio Dry offers the ideal styling package for high performance drying with absolute comfort and convenience. This high-performance hair dryer has a power of 2300 Effiwatt, ensuring efficient drying with low energy consumption..
23.90€ 49.00€
Ex Tax:19.27€
Rowenta CV7819 COPPER Rowenta CV7819 COPPER
-43 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000018
Rowenta CV7819 COPPERRowenta CV7819 Signature Pro AC COPPER FOR EVER Hair Sewer 2100W 100Km / h.Durability & High PerformanceLong-lasting AC professional motor2100W for efficient and fast dryingHigh air speed up to 100 km / h.Exact DryingThin 9 mm air collector for perfect formatting.Volume &..
39.90€ 69.90€
Ex Tax:32.18€
Rowenta CV8732 Rowenta CV8732
-49 %
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000016
Rowenta CV8732Rowenta CV8732 Infini Pro 2200 Watt hair dryer with Rowenta for Elite Keratin & Shine coating that combines keratin and tourmaline for shiny and beautiful hair.Characteristics2200 Watt2 Air SpeedProfessional Motor (AC motor)3 Temperature levels / settingsDifuserThe Rowenta CV8732 I..
35.90€ 69.90€
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Brand: Rowenta Model: S-DHUM-000004
ROWENTA DH4216Rowenta Intense Dry Compact DH4216 dehumidifier 16lt.Dehumidifier DH4216 with the possibility of dehumidification 16lt / 24hr to cover space up to 80 sq.m. Offering comfortable living conditions with healthy humidity levels. It removes moisture from your home efficiently and healthily...
129.00€ 299.00€
Ex Tax:104.03€
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000026
Rowenta SF1512SF1512 EASY LISS With one movement the perfect straight hair!Perfect and easy hairstyle. This 2-in-1 device provides high temperature for fast and perfect results plus performance with a single pass. The temperature remains constant at 200 ° C, from the top to the edge of the tuft, whi..
Ex Tax:19.27€
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-WOMAN-000025
Rowenta SF4112SF4112 ELITE STRAIGHTENER Fast straightening of thick and long hair thanks to the wide plates!Enjoy fast straightening and great shine, even on thick or long hair, with the Rowenta Extra Liss straightener. With a large heated surface, 6 temperature levels and rapid warm-up, your hair s..
Ex Tax:30.56€
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-HEAT-000003
ROWENTA SO2210 COMPACT POWERCompact size in modern designCompact Power is a small but powerful fan heater, which heats the area around you, without taking up much space from your bedroom, living room or storage space. Two power levels provide maximum comfort, while the cold air function makes this d..
Ex Tax:26.53€
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-HEAT-000004
Bathroom Heater SO6510F2 INSTANT COMFORTWarm up in the bathroom safely!The Instant Comfort Aqua fan heater heats every area of ​​your home safely. You can immediately heat your bathroom before or after your shower, without worrying, as the device is equipped with a transparent cover of its control, ..
Ex Tax:40.24€
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-VAC-000014
ROWENTA RO6826 X-TREM POWERRowenta X-Treme Power 3A + RO6856 Electric GarbageDeep Clean absorption sole. Absorption at max!Extra accessories: Special sole for parquet, nozzle for sofas, muzzle for cracks, built-in brush for dusting.Hygiene + high filtration bag, thanks to the EPA10 layer.Cork at the..
Ex Tax:116.93€
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-VAC-000009
ROWENTA RO7223 X-TREM CYCLONICExtreme performance on all types of floors!By incorporating deep cleaning performance into an improved ergonomic design, it turns the Silence Force Cyclonic vacuum cleaner without a bag, into an ally you can count on for excellent cleaning results. With the two-position..
Ex Tax:144.35€
Brand: Rowenta Model: S-MAN-000018
ROWENTA TN2306 F0 COPPERRowenta Copper Forever TN2306 Shaver.Rowenta Copper Forever TN2306 high quality hair clipper that keeps your beard in perfect style whenever and wherever you are. Equipped with sharp stainless steel blades, the cut is always accurate and efficient. Five adjustable lengths fro..
Ex Tax:22.50€
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