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Siemens RAA31.16 Electromechanical room thermostat with on / off switch.

Electromechanical room thermostat from Siemens for heating or cooling system with On / Off switch and LED operation indicator. The RAA31.16 thermostat has a 2-position controller to control the room temperature. The desired temperature is set by a button on the front of the unit. Requires 230V power supply for its operation. Neutral connection while it does not have battery power.

  • Gas diaphragm.
  • Only heating or only cooling.
  • Setting the desired value with a rotary switch.
  • On / off switch.
  • With operation indicator (red LED, AC 230V required).
  • Operating voltage: AC 230 V
  • Power consumption: 0.5 VA
  • Setting range of desired value: 8… 30 ° C
  • Contact differential: ≤1 K
  • Contact voltage: AC 250 V
  • Contact current: 0.2… 6 (2.5) A
  • Mounting type: Wall mounting with screws
  • Degree of protection: IP30
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 98 x 97 x 35.3 mm
Category Room Thermostat

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  • Model: S-THERMSTT-000002
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