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ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W

ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W
ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W
ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W
ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W
ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W
ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W
ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W

Heat Radiator ADAX Standard VP910 KET 1000W

The ADAX Basic radiator offers an ideal combination of heating efficiency combining heat emission with natural air movement.

Modern slim design and high quality construction.

Designed to adapt easily to spaces, it has high efficiency with economy in consumption, without drying the air.

The temperature is controlled with a high quality thermostat.

Manufactured according to high Norwegian standards.

High quality mechanical thermostat: Adax Basic has a mechanical thermostat which is adjustable according to the room temperature we want. The thermostat sensor is located at the coldest point of the radiator, while the temperature can be adjusted to the actual room temperature in the event of a deviation.

High efficiency and economy: Adax Basic is renowned for its high heating efficiency and fuel economy. This is due to the high-efficiency resistor, heat transfer with heat emission, natural hot air circulation and the high-tech mechanical thermostat. Thus the space is heated evenly, without air currents having immediate efficiency.

Quiet operation and hygienic heating: The operation of Adax Basic does not dry the atmosphere, does not cause hasty air movement and the heated space remains hygienic. Its operation is completely silent.

Modern design: Adax Basic having a modern design and smaller size, does not take up space and adapts to all areas of the home.

Special purpose resistor: The special electrical resistance of Adax Basic does not glow, it offers maximum and immediate efficiency, economy in consumption and safe, long-lasting operation.

PaintAdax Basic is made with strong oven paint.

Adax protection system Adax Basic has a special overheating protection system for children and the elderly.

Applications Adax Basic is ideal for heating both permanent and holiday homes, business premises, as well as for heating in difficult areas with low temperatures.

Floor Stands Adax Basic becomes mobile with a special base. (Included)
Wall stand is not Included.

  • Power 1000W
  • Dimensions 740W x 370H x 80D
  • Estimated space 10m2
  • Weight 4.8Kg
  • Thermostat: Engineer
  • Color: White
  • Country of origin: Norway
Category Heat Radiator
Specifications & Performance
Power (W) 1000
Width (cm) 74
Depth (cm) 8
Height (cm) 37

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  • Stock: 1
  • Model: S-RADHEAT-000061
  • Weight: 5.00kg
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