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Pyramis PHC61410FMB

Pyramis PHC61410FMB
Pyramis PHC61410FMB
Pyramis PHC61410FMB
Pyramis PHC61410FMB
Pyramis PHC61410FMB

Pyramis PHC61410FMB Ceramic Hob Autonomous with Locking Function

  • Device check

Control your hob safely with the high-tech touch buttons.

  • Overflow protection

It extinguishes and excludes the use of all hotplates in case of the presence of liquid on them.

  • Remaining heat indicator

Light indicator that warns that the hob is still hot, for safer use.

  • Timer

Electronic timer that automatically shuts off the hob at the end of the desired cooking time.

  • Function lock

It cuts off the power supply to the entire hob, preventing accidental activation by the intervention of small children.

  • Autonomous operation

Its function is autonomous, that is, it can work on its own without the need to connect it to an oven. This means that it can be placed in any part of the kitchen that serves you best. It is suitable for combination with a counter top oven, since the oven can be placed anywhere, regardless of the hobs.

Dimensions & power of cooking zones:

∅18cm - 1800W

∅14.5cm - 1200W

∅14.5cm - 1200W

∅21cm - 2300W

Characteristics of ceramic hobs

Ceramic hobs are elegant, efficient and more economical than induction hobs. The electric heating elements are located under the black glass surface, as well as the touch buttons. Ceramic hobs sit flush with the counter and are relatively easy to install.

In their operation, relative attention is needed because the "eyes" remain hot for a long time after you finish cooking and there is a risk of burns.

Category Kitchen Hobs
Type Ceramic
Specifications & Performance
Hobs Number 4
Power (W) 6500
Depth (cm) 51
Height (cm) 5
Width (cm) 58
More Informations
Frame Νο
Hobs Ceramic
Two Zone Hob No

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  • Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000016
  • Weight: 9.00kg
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