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Pyramis 58IN 411 Induction

Pyramis 58IN 411 Induction
Pyramis 58IN 411 Induction
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Pyramis 58IN 411 Induction
Pyramis 58IN 411 Induction
Pyramis 58IN 411 Induction

Pyramis 58IN 411 Induction Hob Autonomous

  • Number of Focuses: 4
  • Autonomous
  • Touch Switches
  • Built-in dimensions: 56x49cm

Autonomous Pyramis induction hob with 4 cooking zones and 9 temperature levels.

Autonomous operation

Its function is autonomous, that is, it can work on its own without the need to connect it to an oven. This means that it can be placed in any part of the kitchen that serves you best. It is suitable for combination with a counter top oven, since the oven can be placed anywhere, regardless of the hobs.

Touch buttons

The operation for selecting the desired temperatures and settings is done digitally and by touch. All options are located at the bottom of the hob and are integrated into the surface. So all it takes to start cooking is a few gentle touches with your finger.

Key lock function

It also has a child safety lock, which ensures that the hob will not be switched on accidentally. By pressing the lock button, all functions are disconnected and any hob can be quickly and easily secured. The hob can be unlocked by pressing the button again for a few seconds.

Dimensions & power of cooking zones:

Above: 180mm, 2KW

Bottom: 160mm, 1.5KW

It has 9 temperature levels, as well as a remaining temperature indicator so you know when the hob has cooled down.

Characteristics of induction hobs

In induction hobs, the cooking surface is heated only below the pan, using less than half the energy of standard hobs. Induction cooking provides faster heating, improved thermal efficiency and more precise control. Compared to conventional electric hobs, induction hobs can even cut cooking time in half while consuming significantly less energy.

Induction hobs are known for being extremely easy to clean, requiring only a wipe with a damp cloth. Because only the utensil is heated, if something is spilled on the surface of the hob it will not burn.

Visually the induction hob is very similar to the ceramic one, however it uses electromagnetism instead of electricity. Precisely for this reason, special utensils that have a magnetic base are required.

Manufacturer: Pyramis

General characteristics

  • Type Inductive
  • Autonomous Yes
  • Number of Focuses 4
  • Touch Switches

Device Dimensions:

  • Height 6.1 cm
  • Width 59 cm
  • Depth 52 cm

Installation dimensions:

  • Width 56 cm
  • Depth 49 cm
Category Kitchen Hobs
Type Ceramic
Specifications & Performance
Hobs Number 2
Power (W) 7000
Depth (cm) 52
Height (cm) 6.1
Width (cm) 59
More Informations
Frame Νο
Hobs Induction
Two Zone Hob No

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