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Solar water heater with selective collector PYRAMIS 160LT 2,3ΤΜ II with stainless tank casing and 5 Year Warranty.

PYRAMIS Solar Systems with 5 * YEAR WARRANTY.

Collector: The water frame, made of heavy copper pipes, provides maximum solar energy absorption and guaranteed high efficiency. Strong insulation made with 40mm thick low-conductivity mineral wool, to minimize the thermal losses of the collector. The back provides complete sealing consisting of a sheet of aluminum alloy and galvanized sheet metal, 0.5mm thick. The 3.2mm thick safety glass guarantees greater solar permeability t = 92% and weather resistance. Being transparent, the high quality of the solar system inside is easily discernible. Special sealing tape instead of silicone for a better fit of the glass profile on the aluminum profile. The outer frame of aluminum profiles has a double wall creating a gap between them, enhancing the thermal insulation and mechanical strength of the collector. Thermal fluid (propylene glycol) completely protects against frost, salts and oxidation while maintaining the maximum efficiency of the solar system in any weather change.

Boiler - Tank: Water tank made of special steel plate (DCP) 2.5mm thick with a horizontal seam and not three as usual, the strength of which is tested at a pressure of 15 bar. Internally, the tank is protected by double glazing enamel coating and treated at 860 ° C, providing high corrosion resistance, strong mechanical strength and unlimited lifespan. Insulation with cast ecological polyurethane with a density of 50kg / m 65 and a thickness of 65mm, ensuring that its temperature is maintained for a longer period of time and during the cold winter months. Alternator (double mantle) made of 1.5mm steel plate that creates a double wall for the circulation of the thermal liquid, thus achieving the best heat transfer. Stainless steel outer case 18/10 AISI 304, 0.5mm thick for greater durability over time and adverse weather conditions. Internal expansion tank at the top of the mantle to avoid overheating of the thermal fluid in case of overheating, which is a competitive advantage as most containers on the market are external, resulting in loss of thermal fluid, the additional cost of replenishment, and reduction in efficiency due to heat loss. 4KW electric resistance with bipolar safety thermostat. Magnesium rod for protection against electrolysis Φ26mm and L-500mm with replacement capability. Closed circuit filling nozzle with 2-valve safety valve. 10 atmospheric water safety valve.

Special galvanized, heat-resistant mounting bases are installed either on flat surfaces or on tiled roofs and guarantee easy, well-felt and absolutely safe installation even in the most difficult weather conditions.

Special collector ventilation system to avoid water vapor and its guaranteed performance in the long run.

Separate models of triple energy containers with a large surface enameled heat exchanger (G3 / 4 '' serpentine) for connection to the central heating for free hot water and in winter.

* Dual energy: works with sun and electricity.

** Triple energy: works with sun, electricity and connection to central heating.


Category Solar Systems
Type Solar Water Heater
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 160
Collector Surface (sqm) 2.3
Collectors Number 1
Operation Double Energy
Pressure (bar)
Weight (gr)

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  • Model: S-SOLAR-000005
  • Weight: 70.00kg
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