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Primo NY-268

Primo NY-268
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Primo NY-268

Primo NY-268 gas stove

3 heating levels: 1.5KW (Min)/2.8KW (Mid)/4.2KW (Max)

LPG consumption: 110gr/h, 200gr/h, 306gr/h

Operating pressure 30mbar

Gas flow: 1.5kg/h

Hypoxia Protection System (ODS)

Automatic gas supply cut-off system in case the flame goes out

Automatic system to stop the device in the event of its tipping over

Pressure regulator and 40cm safety hose include

Wheels for easy transport


  • Power 4200 W
  • Heating Levels 3
  • Black color


  • Length 42 cm
  • Depth 33.5 cm
  • Height 72.2 cm
Category Gas Heater
Specifications & Performance
Color Black
Power (W) 4200

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  • Model: S-GAZHEATER-000002
  • Weight: 8.00kg
  • MPN: 2254770
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