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PITSOS WPG14G10GR 10Kgr 1400rpm

PITSOS WPG14G10GR 10Kgr 1400rpm
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PITSOS WPG14G10GR 10Kgr 1400rpm

Washing machine 10 kg PITSOS WPG14G10GR 10Kgr 1400rpm and 1400 rpm maximum spin.


  • New Pitsos washing machines with silent and very economical EcoMotor engine, with a 10-year warranty!
  • Extra fast selection.
  • HydroActive Plus sensors
  • Large legible screen.
  • Touch keys for ease of use and cleaning of the device.
  • Fast program 60 min ideal for daily use.
  • HydroShower uniform wetting system of clothes.
  • Start / Pause, switch off the appliance to add an extra garment.
  • Wave drum.

Removal of 4 stains: Effective removal of 4 basic stains of everyday life.

No stain can resist the effective cleaning of advanced Pitsos washing machines. Especially the 4 most common and demanding stains that we encounter in our daily lives, have found in this device, their specialist. Stains e.g. from tomato sauce, cooking oils such as butter and oil, red wine or chocolate *, often educate and persist, as they hardly disappear completely. Now, the innovative Pitsos technology is here, specially designed to get rid of the hassle once and for all and enjoy truly clean clothes, every time. Just select the type of stain on the screen of the appliance and the wash will be adjusted accordingly, automatically adjusting the temperature, the movement of the tub and the soaking time. Result; Excellent and in-depth cleanliness of all clothes, which leaves behind, only, smiles. * Stains may vary depending on the device.

EcoMotor: Powerful inverter motor to enjoy quiet and economical washes. So durable, accompanied by a 10-year warranty.

Quiet and economical engine with 10 years warranty! The EcoMotor motor has innovative magnetic technology that results in minimal friction, less noise, lower energy consumption and of course perfect washing results every time.

HydroActive Plus: Sensors that accurately measure the weight of your clothes.

HydroActive Plus technology sensors accurately measure the weight of clothes and guarantee you optimal water management.

Hydroshower: The clothes are washed faster and are protected from wear.

3D water spray for fast and uniform wetting of clothes. In addition, with a constant flow of water behind the glass door, the fabrics are protected from abrasion and wear.

Bucket cleaning: To keep your Pitsos device always clean and in excellent condition, ready to take care of your clothes.

Type Front Loading
Specifications & Performance
Washing Capacity (Kgr) 10
Max Spin (rps) 1400
Energy Class EEI2021 C
Width (cm) 60
Depth (cm) 60
Height (cm) 85

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  • Model: S-WM-000001
  • Weight: 50.00kg
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