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Pitsos WNP121KC7 Washing Machine 7kg 1200 RPM

  • HydroActive Plus sensors

HydroActive Plus technology sensors accurately measure the weight of the clothes and guarantee you optimal water management.

  • System of uniform wetting of clothes HydroShower.

3D water spray for quick and uniform wetting of clothes. In addition, with a continuous flow of water behind the glass door, fabrics are protected from abrasion and wear.

  • Extra fast option.

Washing machine that respects your precious time: With the extra fast option, each program flexibly adapts to your needs for speed and becomes up to 3 times faster.

  • Large easy-to-read display.

Ease of use, thanks to the display: you see the duration of each program while you select it. If you wish, schedule the wash to start later

  • Touch buttons for ease of use and cleaning of the device.

With the TouchControl touch buttons you can activate the functions of the device with a gentle touch. Also, the single touch surface, in contrast to the recesses of classic keys, makes cleaning an easy task.

  • Quick 60 min program ideal for daily use.

Fast program 60 min, for mixed load (e.g. cotton and synthetics together). Ideal for everyday use, since there is no need to separate clothes. It becomes even faster if combined with the extra fast option.

  • Start/Pause, pause the machine to add an extra garment.

To add a forgotten garment during the program simply press the Start/Pause button. The door will release and can be fully opened to comfortably fit even a bulky pair of jeans.

Type Front Loading
Specifications & Performance
Washing Capacity (Kgr) 7
Max Spin (rps) 1200
Width (cm) 59.8
Depth (cm) 55
Height (cm) 84.8

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  • Model: S-WM-000018
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