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Women's hair and skin care products. Hairdryers - hair dryers, hair straighteners, electric hair brushes, hair removers cord and cordless -  rechargeable, hair blowers, hair curling irons. The best and branded products at the best prices.

Adler AD 2251 Hair dryer 1400 W Adler AD 2251 Hair dryer 1400 W
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Brand: ADLER Model: S-WOMAN-000055
1400 W hair dryer with a modern design Adler AD 2251 Hair dryer 1400 WAt the same time it is very efficient and durable - all thanks to utilisation of high-quality materials. It is a perfect choice for people who spend more than five seconds to make their coiffure. Diverse speed settings make i..
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Brand: ADLER Model: S-WOMAN-000039
Adler AD 203 Hair styler, a great choice for a lady who wishes to bring out the beauty of her hair. Elegant hair styler with two removable tower brushes of a different size. Thanks to 3 stages of temperature control and to having 550W of power it allows to fix the curls as well as to to create volum..
15.90€ 22.90€
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Brand: ADLER Model: S-WOMAN-000069
Adler AD-2247 Dryer Travel Hair Dryer 1400 W..
Ex Tax:15.24€
BaByliss AS950E BaByliss AS950E
-42 %
Brand: BaByliss Model: S-WOMAN-000007
BaByliss AS950ERotating hot air brush for a perfect professional finish.The ceramic head rotates while the soft hairs form and smooth the hair, to be reproduced by simplifying the professional aspect.The ionic function releases ions that control frizz and make hair soft and silky.With two interchang..
62.90€ 107.90€
Ex Tax:50.73€
BaByliss C260E BaByliss C260E
-38 %
Brand: BaByliss Model: S-WOMAN-000028
BaByliss C260EHair Toaster - Hair Tong  BABYLISS C260E TRIPLE BARRELMakes natural wavy curls!With two professional cylinders with a diameter of 15mmProfessional plate: 57x100mm for easy and fast StylingAchieving a temperature of 200 ° C, ceramic heater: High efficiency and protectionImmediate r..
43.90€ 70.90€
Ex Tax:35.40€
Babyliss D563DE POWER DRY Babyliss D563DE POWER DRY
-27 %
Brand: BaByliss Model: S-WOMAN-000034
Babyliss D563DE POWER DRY hair dryer with DC motor and power 2,100W for fast drying and shaping, with the possibility of adjusting a narrow mouth for a professional result or a bellows for uniform curls.DC motorGears 2Temperature levels / settings 3Power (Watt) 2100 WNarrow mouthBellows3 year Suppli..
32.90€ 44.90€
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BaByliss ST326E BaByliss ST326E
Out Of Stock
Brand: BaByliss Model: S-WOMAN-000019
BaByliss ST326EBABYLISS ST326E WET & DRY SLIM 28mm PROTECTDIAMOND CERAMIC ceramic tiles140 - 235oCSlab contraction joints..
Ex Tax:21.69€
Brand: BELLISSIMA Model: S-WOMAN-000016
 BELLISIMA GH20 1100A single stroke is enough to dry your hair, add volume and create different styles. With the Air Wonder hot air brush, with ion technology and ceramic coated and keratin coated brushes, you can easily change the look whenever you want thanks to the 8 included accessories. Vo..
Ex Tax:80.56€
Brand: BELLISSIMA Model: S-WOMAN-000029
BELLISSIMA B12 100 Magic TextureHair straightener Revolution B12 100 10931 H1801 (BHS6 100)A professional straightener for a perfect crimped effect from the roots to the ends. You can achieve this trendy look with just one, continuous movement.Bellissima Revolution is the professional hair straighte..
69.90€ 75.90€
Ex Tax:56.37€
Bellissima B15 50 Bellissima B15 50
-10 %
Brand: BELLISSIMA Model: S-WOMAN-000036
Bellissima B15 50 is the hair straightener which, thanks to the exclusive Special Round Design with rounded plates, allows you to create a different styling depending on how you want it, every time you want it. Straight or wavy hair with unmistakable results and maximum hair protection thanks to the..
46.70€ 51.90€
Ex Tax:37.66€
Brand: BELLISSIMA Model: S-WOMAN-000048
Hair scissors BELLISSIMA B26 100 with wide plates for straight and shiny hair with one movement, extremely large plates, ideal for long or unruly hair.The Bellissima B26 100 is the ideal tool to have straight and shiny styling even on long thick and unruly hair. The extremely large size of the plate..
49.90€ 55.00€
Ex Tax:40.24€
-13 %
Brand: BELLISSIMA Model: S-WOMAN-000044
Professional steam hair iron BELLISSIMA B28 100 myPRO STEAM for perfect, shiny straightening. Action against volume and frizz that lasts and is not affected by moisture, thanks to the action of steam. Flawless result with the professional steam iron it has.for my hair: For all hair types. Ideal for ..
64.90€ 75.00€
Ex Tax:52.34€
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