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Oil Heater KEROSUN OMNI-105G

With their excellent build quality, Kerosun Wick Type heaters are the most economical and quality heating option. They provide safety, high heating efficiency and easy movement thanks to their special handle. Maintain your autonomy in heating, without electricity.

  • WITHOUT ELECTRICITY OPERATION: Maximum efficiency, without dependence on electricity supply.
  • DOUBLE WALL IN THE FUEL TANK FOR BIGGER SAFETY: The double wall keeps any possible fuel leaks, thus providing safety and avoiding any damage to your space.
  • CIRCULAR HEAT DIFFUSION: Warm up quickly wherever you are in the room.
  • SWITCH AUTOMATIC IGNITION: By pressing a switch, you switch on the appliance easily and quickly.
  • FUEL QUANTITY INDEX: By monitoring the fuel quantity index, you will never run out of fuel.
  • SAFETY SYSTEM IN CASE OF ROLL: The device switches off automatically in the event of a rollover.
  • PROTECTIVE GRILL ON THE HEATER BODY: Thanks to the protective grille that surrounds it, the heater is safe, in case of contact, during operation.
  • Wick QUALITY FOR LONGER LIFE: The quality of the wick allows the best absorption of fuel, thus ensuring its longer life and perfect combustion.
  • CRYSTAL COMBUSTION CHAMBER: Ensures the maximum possible heating in your space.


  • Yield GCV Btu 19,450
  • Yield NCV Btu 18,085
  • Fuel consumption Lt / h 0.554
  • Container capacity 7.5Lt.
  • Dimensions (YxMxB) 55.7x47.4x7.44cm
  • Weight 11.4Kgr

 Why KEROSUN Pure Oil Heaters? Pure Oil Heaters!

  • Unbeatable heating power of pure oil Immediate result of space heating and constant maintenance of the ideal temperature.
  • Schedule the device to start automatically.
  • Possibility of extending the operating time to 60 - 90 - 60 minutes for the LC34 LC45 LC56 models.
  • Power-free operation For Wick type In the event of a power failure, the KEROSUN WICK TYPE heaters continue to heat the room without interruption.
  • Absolute independence from any form of utilities.
  • Full Autonomy.
  • Absolute control and knowledge of the final consumption cost estimate.
  • No additional costs (eg installation) other than the purchase of the device.
  • Pure oil (is a rich fuel that provides greater heating capacity than other fuels such as Diesel).
  • Consistently and responsibly since 1987 31 years now, KEROSUN clean oil heaters heat Greek households as well as business premises.
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 7.5
Nominal Power (btu) 19000

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