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Oil Heater KEROSUN LC 34 - Fan Heater Inverter

The amazing capabilities of the fully micro-controlled system, combined with the unbeatable heating power of oil, create ideal heating conditions in your space in the shortest possible time. Due to the inverter technology, the maximum heating efficiency is achieved, with the lowest electricity & fuel consumption.


  • LOCK FUNCTIONS: By locking all functions, protect your children and feel more secure.
  • AUDIO AND VISUAL SIGNAL: Ten minutes before the tank is empty, you receive an audible and visual alert every two minutes.
  • SAFETY SYSTEM IN CASE OF ROLL: The device switches off automatically in the event of a rollover.
  • ELECTRONIC IGNITION: All you need to activate the device is the push of a button.
  • ELECTRONIC FUNCTION DISPLAY: Easily select and adjust the desired functions of the device via the electronic display.
  • Built-in fan for FASTER HEATING: The built-in fan enhances the promotion of hot air by heating the room faster.
  • TIMER: Schedule the device to start automatically.
  • ELECTRONIC INDICATION AND RECOGNITION IN CASE OF FAULT: Easy identification of type of failure in case of device malfunction.
  • BURNER CLEANING POSSIBILITY: The burner always remains clean, thus ensuring the maximum and most efficient space heating.
  • HYGIENE FILTER: Holds dust particles, protects the device and filters the air.
  • DIGITAL TIME AND TEMPERATURE INDICATOR: Easily control the time from the electronic function display.
  • AUTO SWITCH OFF: "Automatic shutdown of the appliance after 50 hours of continuous operation."
  • EXTENTION BUTTON: Extend the remaining operating time from 10 min to 60 min using the "extention" key
  • SAVE OPERATION: The appliance enters fuel saving mode by automatically adjusting its performance based on the room temperature and the desired temperature setting.
  • TIMER: Weekly with the possibility of setting 3 programs / day.


  • MODEL: LC-34
  • Yield GCV Btu 10,580
  • Yield NCV Btu 9,895
  • Performance Range Btu (Min) 2,900 - (Max) 10,580
  • Fuel Consumption Lt / h (Min) 0.083 - (Max) 0.299
  • Container capacity Lt 5.4
  • Dimensions (YxMxB) 42.8x37.6x29.6cm
  • Weight 8Kgr

Why KEROSUN Pure Oil Heaters? Pure Oil Heaters!

  • Unbeatable heating power of pure oil Immediate result of space heating and constant maintenance of the ideal temperature.
  • Schedule the device to start automatically.
  • Possibility of extending the operating time to 60 - 90 - 60 minutes for the LC34 LC45 LC56 models.
  • Power-free operation For Wick type In the event of a power failure, the KEROSUN WICK TYPE heaters continue to heat the room without interruption.
  • Absolute independence from any form of utilities.
  • Full Autonomy.
  • Absolute control and knowledge of the final consumption cost estimate.
  • No additional costs (eg installation) other than the purchase of the device.
  • Pure oil (is a rich fuel that provides greater heating capacity than other fuels such as Diesel).
  • Consistently and responsibly since 1987 31 years now, KEROSUN clean oil heaters heat Greek households as well as business premises.
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 5.4
Nominal Power (btu) 10000

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