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Brand: nedis Model: S-VACBAG-000001
NEDIS BOSCH - SIEMENS TYPE G 10p.Vacuum Cleaner Bag Bosch/Siemens D-F-G-HReplacement for: Bosch / Siemens D - F - G - HPackage contents:- 10x Microfiber dustbag, 5 layer filter system- 1x Microfilter- Self-closing systemSuitable for:- Bosch BBZ 51AF G- BBS10.. >> BBS11..- BBS20.. >> BSS2..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: nedis Model: S-KITCH-000008
Nedis KAHS110WTPortable sealing device for plastic food bags - bag maker - thermocouple - bag thermocouple device.Seal plastic bags easily and quickly to keep food fresh for longer. This way you can extend the freshness of your food and save money with just one simple move.Small and practical sizeSu..
Ex Tax:3.19€
Brand: nedis Model: S-VACBAG-000002
NEDIS Miele FJM_GN 10p.Vacuum Cleaner Bag Miele FJM-GNReplacement for: Miele FJM - GNPackage contents:- 10x Microfiber dustbags, 5 layer filter system- 1x Microfilter- 1x Motorfilter- Self-closing systemSuitable for:- S 241 > S 256i- S 290 > S 299- S 300i > S 399i- S 400i > S 499i- S 500..
Ex Tax:7.98€
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Brand: nedis Model: S-SVACC-000008
NEDIS RCHD10BK remote control organization baseThe days of searching between your pillows or under the couch for your remote control are over! This easy-to-use stand has five compartments for storing all your remote controls and making sure they are always where you need them.Its base can be rotated..
Ex Tax:6.45€
Brand: nedis Model: S-VACBAG-000003
NEDIS Sbag 10p.Vacuum Cleaner Bag Philips/Electrolux E200BReplacement for: Philips standard bag/Electrolux E200BSuitable for:Philips- Specialist FC9100 - FC9149- Performer FC9150 - FC9179- Universe FC9000 - FC9049- Jewel FC9050 - FC9079- Cityline HR8363 - HR8378- Cityline FC8400 - FC8499- Mobilo HR8..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: nedis Model: S-VACBAG-000004
NEDIS UNIVERSAL 10x11 10p.Vacuum cleaner bag UniversalReplacement for: Universal use, fitts in more than 51 brandsPackage contents:- 10x Microfiber dustbag, 5 layer filter system- 1x Microfilter- Self-closing systemSuitable for:- AFK: BS-1500, PS1400W3, PS1600W4, PS1600W6- AEG: ERGO ESSENCE- BESTRON..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: nedis Model: S-SVACC-000007
nedis Universal Remote Control TVRC2100BK Universal Remote Control 10 in 1.10 in 1 programmable remote control suitable for more than 250 brands. It is compatible with: TV / CTV / VCR / DBS / SAT / CBL / Hi-Fi / CD / LD / VCD / DVD. In addition, if the batteries are replaced within 20 minutes, the r..
Ex Tax:5.56€
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