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Telco IW001N

Telco IW001N
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Telco IW001N

Meteorological station Telco IW001N with external wireless sensor that provides the possibility of internal and external indication of temperature and humidity. It has a daily weather forecast function but also a barometric pressure indicator with a graphic display of it!

  • Setting for 12/24 hours.
  • Month-day calendar.
  • Daily weather forecast.
  • Indication of maximum and minimum temperature and humidity.
  • Barometric pressure.
  • Barometric pressure graphic illustration.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity display with external wireless sensor
  • Blue backlit LCD screen.
  • Ability to tilt the screen
  • Dimensions 200 x 130 x 35 mm
  • Power supply (AC)
Category Meteo Station

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  • Model: S-AUTOM-000006
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