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LG 50NANO806PA NanoCell 50'' 4K LG 50NANO806PA NanoCell 50'' 4K
-38 %
Brand: LG Model: S-TV-000044
LG Smart LED TV 4K UHD 50NANO806PA HDR 50 "Πλούσια και ρεαλιστικά χρώματα σε Real 4K ανάλυσηΤεχνολογία NanoCellΕπεξεργαστής τετραπλού πυρήνα 4KΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣΣετ χωρίς βάση (ΠxYxB) χιλ. 1120 x 635 x 49.2Σετ με βάση (ΠxYxB) χιλ. 1120 x 718 x 257..
499.00€ 799.00€
Ex Tax:402.42€
LG 50UP78006LB LG 50UP78006LB
-26 %
Brand: LG Model: S-TV-000043
With the LG 50UP78006LB enjoy Real 4K UHD resolution with Active HDR to enjoy your favorite content to the fullest with impressive detail. The quad-core 4K processor upgrades your content to always give you the best viewing experience.CharacteristicsLED Panel technologyUltra HD 4K Screen Resolution5..
519.00€ 699.00€
Ex Tax:418.55€
LG 55NANO806PA NanoCell 55'' 4K LG 55NANO806PA NanoCell 55'' 4K
-34 %
Brand: LG Model: S-TV-000044
LG Smart LED TV 4K UHD 55NANO806PA HDR 55 "4K Ultra HDNanocellHDR, HDR10 +, HLGWebOS4 x HDMI2 x USBThanks to the Real 4K resolution of the NanoCell TV, the color rendering is amazing. At 8 million pixels, the Real 4K TV delivers a significantly sharper picture, with more detail than a standard HD TV..
589.00€ 899.00€
Ex Tax:475.00€
LG F2WV3S7N3E Slim LG F2WV3S7N3E Slim
-20 %
Brand: LG Model: S-WM-000057
The LG F2WV3S7N3E Slim washing machine has a bucket capacity suitable for up to 7 kg of laundry, and can meet the needs of a family of three. The clothes are loaded from the round door on the front of the device, and for this reason it is called front loading.It is energy class D, which means that i..
390.00€ 489.00€
Ex Tax:314.52€
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Brand: LG Model: S-FRIDG-BF-000018
LG GBP32DSLZN A++GBP32DSLZN Total No Frost 203 x 59.5 x 68 cmSmart Inverter Compressor 10 Years engine warrantyDoorCooling + ™Multi Air Flow Multiple air flowAdditionally: Smart Diagnosis / NFCNatureFRESH ™ Indulge in NatureFRESH ™ Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Let your senses travel to an enjo..
Ex Tax:620.16€
2-4 Days
Brand: LG Model: S-FRIDG-2D-000014
Two-door refrigerator 333 lt LG GTP523DSCL Total No FrostInverter linear compressorMultiple air flowTwo-door Fridge GTP523DSCL by LG Total No Frost 333Lt. with extremely without ever ice.Optimal Moisture Level: Excess moisture evaporates from food and condenses on the grid, thus maintaining a proper..
Ex Tax:442.74€
LG SJ2.DEUSLLK 160W Bluetooth LG SJ2.DEUSLLK 160W Bluetooth
-44 %
Brand: LG Model: S-STEREO-000005
The Soundbar LG SJ2 Wireless Subwoofer / Bluetooth Stand-by features a compact design and style, wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity and Bluetooth Stand-by function. In addition, it provides the possibility of control with your TV remote control.Compact design and styleWireless SubwooferBluet..
99.90€ 179.90€
Ex Tax:80.56€
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