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Korting KEC 6141 WG

Korting KEC 6141 WG
Korting KEC 6141 WG
Korting KEC 6141 WG
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Korting KEC 6141 WG
Korting KEC 6141 WG
Korting KEC 6141 WG
Korting KEC 6141 WG

Korting ceramic kitchen KEC6141WG with a capacity of 71lt, energy class A, with double glass on the door and a drawer for storing utensils.

Basic features:

  • Dimension HxWxD (cm): 85 x 60 x 60
  • Oven capacity: 71 lt
  • Hobs: Ceramic
  • Number of Focuses: 4
  • Energy Class: A
  • Switches: Fixed
  • 9 cooking functions

Korting KEC6141WG Kitchen Ceramic

Multi-level baking

Korting ovens, thanks to their advanced technology and their characteristic shape, ensure perfect cooking of up to three foods at the same time. The intelligent air distribution ensures that the food will be cooked evenly on each level.

Shape of a traditional oven

Korting ovens feature the shape of a traditional oven at the top allowing the hot air to move freely and hug the food. This way it is cooked from all sides and becomes crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This scheme achieves higher baking efficiency at all levels.

Perfect Grill

A large resistance on the outside and a smaller resistance on the inside at a slightly different level. The clever placement of the grill resistors allows for optimal heat distribution and provides perfect grilling every time, so that the food is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. In addition, the grill resistance can be moved for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Storage drawer

All korting freestanding kitchens have a large and deep drawer ideal for storing pans and other cooking accessories.

Side rails

All korting ovens have side rails that make it easier to manage the pan inside it and protect the enamel from scratches.

Residual heat indicator

On ceramic hobs, each cooking zone has a light signal that lights up when the cooking zone is hot. When the cooking zone cools down, the indicator light goes out. The residual heat indicator may also light up if a hot pan is placed on a cold cooking zone.

Silver Matte

It is an extremely durable and strong material that coats the surfaces of the oven and pans. Its triple coating resists heat reflection and provides additional insulation. The scraps are burned at a higher temperature which also eliminates any micro-organisms maintaining a sterile and safe environment inside the oven.

Large deep pan

The high sides of the deep pan covered with Silver Matte enamel, prevent the fats from splashing and burning inside the oven, while at the same time allowing the cooking of a larger amount of food.

Detachable double glazed door

The doors and interior and interior glass are easily removed without the use of special tools for effortless cleaning. They contribute to the correct performance of the oven, while at the same time ensuring greater safety during its use. The heat remains inside the oven optimizing energy consumption. This makes the device even safer for children and pets.

Operating programs:

Aqua Clean

The Aqua Clean function makes cleaning Korting ovens a breeze. Simply place half a liter of water in a tray on the bottom rack in the oven and select the Aqua Clean program where the temperature automatically rises to 70°C. In 30 minutes the results are visible throughout the oven. Stains and grease soften and you can remove them simply by wiping.


You can easily defrost frozen food by selecting the defrost function. The air circulates inside the oven without activating the resistances. In this way, healthy defrosting is achieved without altering the nutrients and the taste of the food.

Plate heating

Use this function to heat your dishes before serving the food, so you can keep the food hot for longer.

Additional features:

  • Air & up and down resistance
  • Upper & lower resistance
  • Grill
  • Small Grill
  • Air & down resistance
  • Grill & air
Category Free Standing Cooker
Type Ceramic
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 71
Color White
Energy Class EEI2019 A
Depth (cm) 60
Height (cm) 85
Width (cm) 60
More Informations
Hobs Ceramic
Lid No
Oven Electric
Oven Functions 9
Side Rails Yes
Storage Space Yes
Switches Conventional
Timer No

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  • Model: S-CKR-C-000004
  • Weight: 50.00kg
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