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TEFAL UNLIMITED Non-stick adhesive line.

The most durable non-stick coating * with hard crystals that is not scratched!

Tefal Unlimited range of kitchen utensils with hard crystals that are not scratched. Surpass yourself in cooking with the new TITANIUM coating for healthy cooking and excellent durability.

Tefal Unlimited range of cooking utensils with hard crystals that are not scratched!

With the Tefal Unlimited series, your culinary performance goes to another level! Choosing the right cookware will make all the difference. Tefal cookware loves challenges and was made to withstand extreme conditions. The non-stick pan Tefal Unlimited guarantees excellent durability, always according to the highest standards. The brand new anti-scratch and non-stick coating TITANIUM anti-scratch with hard crystals lasts up to six times longer * and combines the ease of non-stick coating with excellent scratch resistance, even from metal cooking tools. Create delicious results effortlessly, for perfect sautéing and healthy dishes without added oil. This series is designed to meet every culinary challenge and never disappoint you with its unique performance. Surpass yourself in cooking with the best range of non-stick Tefal utensils.


Extremely durable non-stick coating that does not scratch.

Discover TITANIUM ANTI-SCRATCH: The best non-stick coating * with hard crystals that does not scratch and lasts up to 6 times longer. **

New technology THERMO-SIGNAL ™

THERMO-SIGNAL ™ technology shows the ideal cooking start temperature for perfect cooking and guaranteed excellent texture, perfect color and great taste, for wonderful creations with unsurpassed taste every day.


Thanks to the large grid and the reinforced base, the THERMO-FUSION ™ + technology guarantees fast heating and even distribution of heat in the pan for well-cooked dishes.

High performance non-stick coating.

Discover the kitchen utensils that were specially designed for your daily needs in the kitchen and have a high-performance inner and outer non-stick coating for easy cleaning and comfortable cooking.

For all hobs and inductors.

Compatible with gas stoves, electric, ceramic, induction

Very deep utensil.

It is ideal for cooking large portions comfortably.

Made in France.

It is designed and manufactured in France, with high skill and know-how

Tefal: N ° 1 worldwide in cooking utensils *.

Tefal does everything to offer you perfect culinary results every time you enter the kitchen - another reason to choose Tefal!

100% safe non-stick coating.

0% PFOA, 0% lead, 0% cadmium *

* According to the stricter controls in relation to those provided by the current regulations for food contact materials. Lead & Cadmium (no Pb no Cd) means that no lead & cadmium has been intentionally added to the coatings. No dispersion is observed at the level of 0.005 mg / kg.

Glass lid *

Elegant, glass lid for easy food monitoring.

* where available.

Category Kettle
Diameter (mm) 24
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