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Kerosun KSC-960A

Kerosun KSC-960A
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Kerosun KSC-960A

The KSC-960A carbon stove of the Kerosun company has a power of 1000 Watts. It does not replace a complete heating system for the home, but it is ideal for heating rooms (or part of them) immediately and for a short period of time, such as for example a bedroom, an office, or a small living room.

Without the need for pre-heating and in just a few seconds it can reach the maximum temperature, while at the same time it provides an even and targeted heat distribution. The infrared heating it offers is clean, without odors or dust accumulation, and is suitable for people with respiratory problems or allergies. It is also completely silent, since it does not contain a fan.

It also has excellent stability thanks to its large soles. It has a safety net in front of the lamps, and must always be placed away from flammable surfaces (eg carpets, curtains).

You can adjust and choose between 2 levels of heating, depending on the specifics of the room and your personal needs.

It includes a timer, which helps you schedule its operation and automatically turn on / off at the time you set. In this way, energy costs are reduced, so you save energy and money.

Once the rotation function is activated, it is able to rotate automatically and thus evenly distribute the heat throughout the space. Its operation is based on a carbon fiber lamp, which glows and transfers heat to the environment, with a power of 1000 Watts per lamp. Carbon lamps produce more heat and have a longer lifespan than halogen or quartz lamps.

It is suitable for spaces up to 12m². For example, the ideal indoor conditions in winter are a temperature of around 21 °C and a relative humidity

between 40% - 60%.

Features and Dimensions

Power: 1000W

Lamps: 1

Height: 82.5cm

Width: 25.5cm

Depth: 18.5cm

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