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Brand: KENWOOD Model: S-BREADM-000006
Bread maker KENWOOD BM350DescriptionThe Kenwood bread maker will give an excellent result every time, whether it is a beginner or an experienced cook.The users who have bought it distinguish it mainly because it has a sufficient number of programs.FlexibilityThe BM350 bread maker can make 500g, 700g..
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Kenwood CHP61.000WH
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Brand: KENWOOD Model: S-FOODPRO-000053
Kenwood CHP61.000WH Multi-Cutter 500W with 500ml ContainerDescription500 watts2 speedsSecurity systemMashingCutIce crushingAnti-slip matCord storageDishwasher safe partsDimensions: 14*14*35.5 CMCapacity 500mlQuadblade system..
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Kenwood CHP61.100WH
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Brand: KENWOOD Model: S-FOODPRO-000038
Kenwood CHP61.100WH Multi-Cutter 500W with 500ml ContainerDescriptionKenwood CHP61.100WH chopper, with four blade system, 2 speeds and 0.5 liter capacity bowl. It has a special attachment for preparing dip and is ideal for chopping vegetables, onions, cheeses, nuts, chocolates, etc.Users who have bo..
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Brand: KENWOOD Model: S-BRKFST-000020
The Kenwood Toaster - Grill HG210 has detachable striped plates with a specially shaped surface to remove grease offering healthy baking and ease of cleaning. With 3 baking positions that include 180º opening.The baking surface has a non-stick surface made of a material suitable for direct contact w..
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KENWOOD KHC29.H0WH Prospero+ 1000W KENWOOD KHC29.H0WH Prospero+ 1000W
Brand: KENWOOD Model: S-FOODPRO-000003
KENWOOD KHC29.H0WH Prospero+ 1000WWhite with Power 1000 WFunctions: Mixing Fermentation CuttingPositions for accessories: 3Accessories: 'K' Shape Roller Dough Ratchers Meringue Rippers Cutter Cutter - Trimmer Lemon StaplerLidInox Box Capacity 4.3 ltBlender Plastic Capacity 1.5 lt..
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Brand: KENWOOD Model: S-FOODPRO-000026
Electric Carving Knife KENWOOD KN650AThis safe and easy to use multipurpose electric knife is designed to assist in cutting a variety of foods from carving meats and poultry, to slicing bread.Featuring a strong 100W motor and high quality stainless steel serrated blades with additional freezer blade..
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Kenwood KVC3100W Kenwood KVC3100W
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Brand: KENWOOD Model: S-FOODPRO-000004
Kenwood KVC3100W Chef food processor with a powerful 1000 Watt electronic motor with full power from minimum speed, enormous durability and planetary movement of agitators for perfect mixing.The users who have bought it distinguish it mainly because its motor is powerful and easy to clean.The speed ..
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Kenwood KVC3110S Kenwood KVC3110S
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Brand: KENWOOD Model: S-FOODPRO-000005
The Kenwood ΚVC3110S Chef Food Processor will be your valuable assistant for excellent results whether for easy or more difficult dishes. It has a capacity of 4.6 lt and a power of 1000W.The users who have bought it distinguish it mainly because it is easy to clean and its motor is powerful.Speciall..
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