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Izzy IZ-9038

Izzy IZ-9038
Izzy IZ-9038
Izzy IZ-9038
Izzy IZ-9038
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Izzy IZ-9038
Izzy IZ-9038
Izzy IZ-9038
Izzy IZ-9038
Izzy IZ-9038

Izzy IZ-9038 Floor Heater 2000W with Electronic Thermostat 43.1x57cm


Izzy company heater, with 2000 Watt power. It is a very good solution to immediately cover the heating needs of a space up to 16m².

It has zero energy losses, since almost all current consumption is converted into heat. This results in lower consumption and greater efficiency compared to other heating devices.

The heating is quickly and harmoniously diffused in the space by a combination of thermal emission and air movement, and thus does not cause dust to be raised, nor does the atmosphere dry out. These make it suitable for people with respiratory problems or allergies. It is also considered an ideal choice for the children's room due to the non-emission of dust or fumes. Its operation is completely silent, as it does not include a fan or ventilator.

It also has excellent stability thanks to the large feet it has, while its installation is very easy with a simple direct connection to a socket. For its best performance, it is recommended to be placed near points with the greatest heat losses, such as for example next to windows or balcony doors.

The electronic thermostat allows you to adjust or keep the temperature of the room constant at the desired levels, throughout the use of the device. Electronic thermostats offer more accurate temperature measurement and regulation than analog thermostats. You can adjust and choose between 3 levels of heating, depending on the specifics of the room and your personal needs.

Features and Dimensions:

  • Power: 2000W
  • Placement: Floor
  • Length: 43.1cm
  • Height: 57cm
  • Depth: 23cm
  • Thermostat: Electronic
  • Heating Levels: 3
  • Color: White
Category Heat Radiator
Specifications & Performance
Power (W) 2000

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  • Model: S-HEATERS-000064
  • Weight: 5.00kg
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