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IQ HT-1484

IQ HT-1484
IQ HT-1484
IQ HT-1484
IQ HT-1484
IQ HT-1484

IQ HT-1484 Floor Heater 2000W

Heater of the IQ company, with a power of 2000 Watt. It is a very good solution to immediately cover the heating needs of a space up to 16m².

It has zero energy losses, since almost all current consumption is converted into heat. This results in lower consumption and greater efficiency compared to other devices...

Features and Dimensions:

  • Power: 2000W
  • Placement: Floor
  • Length: 53cm Height: 37.8cm Depth: 20cm
Category Heat Radiator
Specifications & Performance
Power (W) 2000

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Ex Tax: 48.31€
  • Stock: 3
  • Model: S-HEATERS-000067
  • Weight: 4.00kg
  • MPN: 2342820
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