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Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L

Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
2-4 Days
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L
Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L

Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L Dehumidifier 20lt with Ionizer and Wi-Fi


  • The Inventor Comfort CF-WUHI-20L dehumidifier has the ability to absorb 20 liters of water in 24 hours. It is suitable for single spaces up to 80m², so as to maintain the humidity of the space at normal levels. This means that it creates the conditions for the air to be more "comfortable", while removing the natural and visible signs of dampness, such as mold on the walls or condensation of water vapor in the form of water droplets on the windows. It also helps prevent diseases caused by high humidity, such as allergies and asthma.
  • Using the dehumidifier in a room during the winter months increases the temperature of the room by up to 3°C, reducing heating costs, thus saving money.
  • The ideal average value of relative humidity of a room ranges between 50% - 55%. At this level, most of us feel comfortable, and it is also the ideal environment for avoiding allergies, frequent colds and bone pain. At the same time, an average humidity of this order helps to protect and preserve materials inside the house, such as plasterboard, walls and wooden floors - furniture, while protecting clothes in wardrobes and other objects or materials, which are prone to harmful effects of excess moisture.
  • It has a removable water tank with a capacity of 3.8 liters, which for the smooth operation of the device must be emptied on a regular basis, and once in a while you clean it with soap and water to avoid the formation of mold. Also, the water collected in the dehumidifier container is deionized and can be used for uses in which we do not want water with salts, such as e.g. on the car's windshield wipers. But be careful, it is not of such high purity to come into contact with clean clothes, so it is not recommended for use in the steam iron.
  • The device's dehumidification technology, i.e. the way the dehumidifier absorbs moisture from a space, is based on a compressor that condenses moisture from the air, and drives it into water form in the container. Compressor dehumidifiers are more efficient at absorbing moisture for heated spaces than zeolite dehumidifiers. It is therefore recommended for places where the temperature does not fall below 13-14°C.
  • It has an ionizer function that releases positive and negative ions, thus helping to neutralize bacteria and germs, dust, unpleasant odors and suspended particles. At the same time, it cleans the air from smells coming from smoke or activities such as cooking, improving the atmosphere. It is recommended for people with allergies and for places where babies or elderly people live.
  • It is silent, as during its operation the noise does not exceed 39db. This makes it suitable for use during your night's sleep or any other time you need quiet.
  • The special clothes drying program provides fast drying, without accumulating moisture from fresh clothes in your space, since all the moisture will end up in the dehumidifier's water tank. Simply place the drying rack with the clothes in a (preferably small) room with the door closed, and the dehumidifier close to the clothes and select the clothes drying mode.
  • It is possible to connect to Wi-Fi, to set up the device even when you are not at home. Choose whenever you want, from wherever you are, the activation of your dehumidifier easily via your mobile phone or tablet.
  • In addition, it has a function that after a power cut the dehumidifier restarts automatically.
  • With the drain connection function, forget about emptying the water tank forever. Simply connect the drain hose to the device and place it in the drain trap. So there is no need to empty the water tank every time it fills up. It is recommended for use in areas where there is a high humidity problem and the water tank will be filled very often, such as a basement or a warehouse.
  • It includes a timer, which helps you schedule its operating hours and automatically turn on / off at the time you set. In this way, energy costs are reduced, so you save energy and money.

Features & Dimensions:

  • Power: 285W
  • Dehumidification Capacity: 20lt/day
  • Water Tank Capacity: 3.8lt
  • Noise Level: 39dB
  • Width: 35.5cm
  • Depth: 25.5cm
  • Height: 57.2cm
Category Dehumidifier
Type Compressor
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 3.8
Dehumidification Ability (Lt/Day) 20
Filters HEPA
Min. Noise (dB) 39
Perfomance CADR (m3/h) -
Power (W) 285
More Informations
Ionizer Yes
WiFi Yes

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  • Stock: 2-4 Days
  • Model: S-DHUM-000044
  • Weight: 15.00kg
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