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Inventor QLT-700

Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
2-4 Days
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700
Inventor QLT-700

Inventor QLT-700

Air Cleaner with 6 effective stages & double air filtration system for a perfectly healthy atmosphere!

  • 6 stages of air purification & Ionizer for a perfectly healthy atmosphere and drastic removal of dust, pollen & allergens.
  • Double filtration system for complete coverage of large spaces and very fast performance.
  • Air quality indicator for immediate & reliable information of the air condition in your space.
  • 3 advanced sensors for valid diagnosis and adaptation of operation to the needs of the space.
  • Automatic operation for excellent conditions in your space with the lowest noise level.

Double Air Cleansing Benefits: The advanced capabilities of the Quality 700 air purifier, compose a complete action upgrade of the quality of your home. The 6 stages of air purification and the integrated ionizer of the unit, guarantee the excellent air quality and effectively protect against allergens, dust, pollen, unwanted odors & harmful bacteria that are in the atmosphere of your space, so that you can enjoy pleasant and healthy air. . At the same time, the dual filtering system with which the unit is equipped achieves even faster results, rapidly filtering the air and covering more square footage. Also, the air quality indicator allows you to have it at any time you want, immediate and reliable information about the air quality in your space, with the help of the color display in a prominent place of the unit that is adjusted accordingly. Your absolute ally in the comfort and ease of use of the unit could only be the smart PM2.5, VOC & light sensors that constantly detect the space in order to identify the prevailing conditions. By adjusting the device to automatic operation, the unit adapts perfectly to your needs immediately to ensure the ideal conditions based on your activity or rest.

Air Cleaner Certification: The Inventor Quality 700 air purifier is certified by the European Allergy Research Foundation ECARF.

What is ECARF: An independent institute of scientists and technicians, with a presence in more than 30 countries, which controls products and services based on strict criteria and provides the quality seal to those whose use does not cause any allergies.

What is quality seal: The written guarantee of the superior quality of Inventor air purifiers. Paying all the criteria to have the ECARF stamp as completely hypoallergenic devices, they guarantee the essential upgrade of the air in the space, removing allergenic elements and pathogenic microorganisms.

6 Air & Ionist Cleaning Stages! Ensure clean and healthy air in your space thanks to the efficiency of the 6 stages of filtration and Ionizer. The high level of filtration with the ability to retain 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 micrometers guarantees the best air quality in your space, while the Ionizer produces ions eliminating odors, dust and smoke.

Double Filtering System! Ensure efficient air purification action and fast results in obtaining an ideal atmosphere in your space, thanks to the dual filtration system that the device has! Large surface filters are placed on both sides of the device resulting in more air being introduced into the air purifier and filtered. In this way, you enjoy double benefits, ensuring both ideal conditions of clean & healthy air in your space and saving time & energy.

Air Quality Index! The ultimate control of the air quality needs of your space is now possible thanks to the air quality indicator! With the help of the unit's sensors, the air is constantly controlled in order to detect chemical compounds such as mold and unwanted odors as well as suspended particles. The color indicator adjusts immediately, providing reliable information on air quality, excellent, good or heavy. Take advantage of the advanced operation of the cleaner to know the air quality in your space at all times!

Sensors! Enjoy superior air quality in your space through the 3 PM2.5, VOC and Light sensors that the device has. The PM2.5 sensor detects suspended particles in the atmosphere, the VOC detects chemical compounds in the air, and the Light sensor helps inform the brightness level in the space. By gathering the above information with the help of the sensors, the unit knows at all times the conditions in the space that is placed in order to provide you with fresh air.

Automatic Operation! Thanks to the three sensors with which the device is equipped, all the information about air quality and brightness is collected and the operation of the air purifier is adjusted accordingly. By pressing a button, the automatic operation is activated, with the result that, if necessary, the cleaner can affect the fan speed, in order to fully meet the conditions of the space, ensuring for you the fresh air in your space. Enjoy comfort and carefree use of the device, while saving energy by avoiding unnecessary use.

3 Years Warranty for the Inventor air purifier! The Inventor air purifier comes with a 3-year warranty. The high quality of production & the quality raw materials guarantee the perfect and long-term operation of the product, even in demanding conditions.


  • Speeds 5
  • Rotation per minute (per fan speed) - / 540/680/970/1080 rpm
  • Consumption (per fan speed) 5.4 / 6.4 / 12.1 / 22.0 / 36.0 W
  • CADR 700 m³ / h
  • Noise Station (fan speed) 42/43/46/51/56 db (A)
  • Air supply (per fan speed) 166/333/454/600/737 m³ / h
  • H13 Air Filtering Capability - 99.97%
  • Area coverage up to 100/300 m² / m³
  • Filtering Stages 6 + Ionizer
  • Sensors (PM2.5 / VOC / Light) YES
  • Net Weight 12.2 kg
  • Dimensions (MxBxY) 360x360x710 mm
  • YES peaches


Filter Status Indications

Immediate and reliable diagnosis of the condition of the filters is now possible with the help of the relevant indications on the panel of the unit that help you keep the filters clean and therefore ensure the protection and efficient operation of the unit in the long run.

Smart Filter Control

Diagnosing the condition of the unit's filters is extremely simple and quick with the help of the magnifying glass on the back of the air purifier that allows you to check its cleanliness at a glance. This way, you can take care of the protection of the filters and their efficiency comfortably and comfortably, as well as ensure the overall efficiency of the unit on a long-term basis.

Low Noise Station

Silently enjoy the healthy atmosphere of a place during the night or at times that require absolute silence and ensure the ideal conditions you desire, without the slightest inconvenience.

Sleep function

Ensure a clean and healthy environment in your space for you and your family, free of dust particles and unwanted microorganisms, with the lowest noise level. By activating the Sleep function during the night or at times that require absolute silence, you enjoy ideal conditions in your space, without the slightest inconvenience.

Child Lock

Operation lock so that children do not have the ability to turn on the device or change its settings when they are not under your supervision.

5 Speeds

Choose one of the five available fan speeds and create the ideal conditions for a perfectly clean & healthy atmosphere according to the needs of your space.


The built-in wheels of the air purifier, allow its easy and fast movement in the space you choose in order to achieve focused & more efficient results in the cleaning of the air and the acquisition of a completely healthy atmosphere.

Specifications & Performance
Filter Stages 6
Min. Noise (dB) 42
Perfomance CADR (m3/h) 700
Power (W) 36
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Manufacturer's Website <a target="_blank" href="">Inventor QLT-700</a>

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