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Inventor MWO-23LT-BD

Inventor MWO-23LT-BD
Inventor MWO-23LT-BD
Inventor MWO-23LT-BD
Inventor MWO-23LT-BD
Inventor MWO-23LT-BD
Inventor MWO-23LT-BD
Inventor MWO-23LT-BD

Inventor MWO-23LT-BD Microwave Oven with Grill 23lt Black


The Inventor microwave oven with a power of 800 watts, has 5 power levels, timer, child lock, sound alarm, defrost function, grill and 15 cooking programs, making it the ideal solution for the modern kitchen.

Users who have bought it distinguish it mainly because it has a large capacity and is effective in defrosting.

Grill Cooking Mode

With the Grill function you can cook and enjoy juicy pieces of meat or fish. Your food gets a golden crust as if it was grilled! Cooking is healthier and safer, while the time required to prepare the meal is less compared to a gas or charcoal grill.

15 Programs

With 15 programs, you have plenty of options to choose the one that suits the type of food you want to prepare every time. Prepare your meal with the Microwave or Grill Cooking Functions or using both through the Combination Program. Select the Two-Stage Cooking Mode to easily adjust the preparation procedures and defrost your already prepared meal at the appropriate time or the ideal temperature with the Defrost program. For even faster and easier cooking, choose one of the 8 Easy Cooking Menu programs.

Two Stage Cooking Function

Setting of two different cooking programs which will be carried out consecutively. Place your meal in the oven and set the Two-Stage Cooking Mode, for example setting the Defrost Program as the first, setting the duration and the Microwave Cooking Program as the second and listen to the distinctive sound that informs you that the first stage is complete, while the start of the next one is done automatically.

Easy Cooking Menu

The cooking process is made easier than ever thanks to the Easy Cooking Menu, which contains pre-set programs for specific food and quantity. Turn the switch and select the program from the menu you want every time and cooking becomes a breeze!

Combination Program of Two Functions

Ensure a perfectly cooked meal with the Combination Mode. Cook by choosing the simultaneous use of microwave and Grill and enjoy the desired result at the appropriate time.

95' timer

The timer that the Inventor microwave oven has, with a wide range from 0-95', offers convenience and perfect results, as you can program the heating or cooking of your food according to its type and enjoy a delicious dish!

Defrost function

With the defrosting function of the Inventor microwave oven, immediate, hygienic & safe defrosting of your food is now guaranteed. With a selection of defrosting time, in order to easily choose the time needed to defrost the type of food you want, but also a selection of kilograms according to the amount of food, creating the most impressive meal in the moment for you and your loved ones is now a matter of time and cooking skills!

Electronic Operations Control

The microwave oven has a digital display so that you can be informed precisely and at a glance about the settings you have chosen, as well as the remaining operating time of the program you have set each time.

Sound Notification

The sound notification it has will notify you when the food is ready and the operation of the device will stop automatically.

Child Lock

Function lock so that children cannot turn on the device or change its settings when they are not under your supervision.

Freestanding Digital Kitchen Timer

The microwave oven becomes your best assistant in the kitchen, since it can function as an independent digital timer. Use it to control time when performing other processes, such as mixing time during meal preparation or how long a mixture stays in the refrigerator, and ensure accuracy in recipe execution.


  • Placement: Free
  • Microwave power: 800 W
  • Power Levels: 5
  • Capacity: 23 lt
  • Black color
  • Mode Type: Digital
  • Grill function: Yes
  • Air Mode: No
  • Steam Cooking: No
  • Automatic Programs: Yes
  • External Dimensions: Width 48.5 cm Depth 37.4 cm Height 29.2 cm

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  • Model: S-MWOVENS-000020
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