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Inventor EPRC-BG68

Inventor EPRC-BG68
Inventor EPRC-BG68
Inventor EPRC-BG68
Inventor EPRC-BG68
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Inventor EPRC-BG68
Inventor EPRC-BG68
Inventor EPRC-BG68
Inventor EPRC-BG68
Inventor EPRC-BG68

The vacuum cleaner EPRC-BG68 of the EPIC series will become your daily ally in cleaning your home. It has a HEPA filter for absolute cleanliness in the area, free of suspended particles & allergens and a low noise level, which allows it to be used at any time of the day undisturbed and always with the best possible results. Thanks to the ergonomic handle with remote control, you can choose the power level you want to clean easily and quickly, without bending over. It is equipped with a high-performance foot with two absorbency regulators for deep or easy cleaning of the surfaces of your home. In addition, it effectively absorbs pet hair thanks to the PAW Master function.

HEPA filter

Enjoy a healthy atmosphere in your space, thanks to the HEPA H12 filter that neutralizes 99.5% of germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens and dust. The filter effectively traps small and large particles giving you a truly clean environment free of anything harmful that can alter its quality levels.

Ergonomic Handle with Remote Control

Take the situation into your own hands with the integrated remote control on the ergonomic handle of the vacuum cleaner that allows you to activate it and adjust the suction power, depending on the surface you want to clean, with particular comfort and ease and of course without constant bending over!

High Performance Sole

Choose between the two foot settings depending on the cleaning needs of your space. For quick daily use, set to the Easy Clean mode, which offers more comfort for more relaxing cleaning, while in the Deep Clean option, the absorbency takes off, for impressive cleaning results!

PAW Master tread

Nothing can stand in the way of your new vacuum, even if it comes from your dog or cat! The vacuum has a PAW Master foot to effectively remove the hair of our little friends from any type of floor so you can enjoy their company without worry!

Low Noise Level

Clean your space at any time, without any discomfort, since the operation of the vacuum cleaner is almost silent! Daily sweeping is done with ease, at any time of the day thanks to the low noise level of 68dB.


  • Bag Yes
  • Power 700 W
  • Bucket capacity 3 lt
  • Action Radius 10 m
  • Weight 4.8 kg
  • Color Red
  • Especially
  • Power Setting Yes
  • HEPA Dust Filter
  • Bag Type-
  • Pet Foot Yes
  • Floor for Parquet Yes
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 3
Power (W) 700
Noise Level (dB) 68

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