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Brand: Life Model: S-FAN-000019
Life Alaska Air CoolerEvaporative air cooler, 60W.Summer in Alaska! The new air cooler LIFE Alaska brings one of the coolest destinations in your living room!Cool your space with the air cooler LIFE Alaska economically and naturally, without the cost and inconvenience of the specialized installation..
Ex Tax:48.31€
2-4 Days
Brand: Life Model: S-BREADM-000003
Automatic baker LIFE ARTOS 12 programs, 550W.Make your own homemade and healthy bread with the baker LIFE ARTOS!It has 12 baking programs, thus giving you the opportunity to make different types of bread yourself! In addition, there are 3 bread size options available and also 3 baking levels for cri..
Ex Tax:64.44€
2-4 Days
Brand: Life Model: S-BBQ-000038
Barbecue - 2 in 1 LIFE BBQ King Grill with stand and electric table grill BBQ 2000W.Become the king of BBQ with the new LIFE BBQ King electric grill!Connect the grill to the mains and start cooking. The BBQ King gives you the effect of a charcoal or gas barbecue, with all the extra comfort that an e..
Ex Tax:28.15€
Life Kouzinaki 382 Life Kouzinaki 382
2-4 Days
Brand: Life Model: S-SMOVENS-000013
Electric oven - kitchenette 38L Life Kouzinaki 382 with hot air circulation and 2 hobs (15.4cm and 18.7cm), 3200W.The LIFE Kouzinaki 382 with high quality construction and high efficiency, is the ideal, small size kitchenette for any kitchen or BBQ, as well as for cottages, small and / or student ho..
Ex Tax:95.97€
Brand: Life Model: S-FAN-000012
Life Meltemi FF-001Floor fan, 100W.This LIFE FF-001 portable floor fan with 3 fan blades of 16" (40cm diameter) and a powerful motor of 100W is a practical and smart option for delightful summer coolness.Due to its metal body, LIFE FF-001 design proves to be elegant and timeless while its noise leve..
Ex Tax:40.24€
Brand: Life Model: S-COF-ES-000013
Device for foam milk, 500W LIFE MILKY WAY produces rich foam milk with perfect texture in a minimum time! In addition it can be used for the production of hot chocolate!The new device for hot and cold frothed milk of LIFE, MILKY.WAY, with a capacity of up to 300ml (130ml for cold frothed milk, 300ml..
Ex Tax:36.21€
Brand: Life Model: S-BRKFST-000034
Device for popcorn Life PCM-001 Cinema 1100W.Invite your friends for a movie night and easily and quickly make fresh Popcorn, without preservatives, with the LIFE Cinema device!This device allows you to make Popcorn without the use of oil or butter! Make delicious low-calorie popcorn with hot air ci..
Ex Tax:20.08€
Life QH-101 Life QH-101
-17 %
Brand: Life Model: S-HEATERS-000008
Electric quartz heater Life Heat Wave QH-101 2750W, with 5 heating lamps and 2-way heating.The quartz heater LIFE HEAT WAVE QH-101 is the ideal choice for economical and efficient heating. It has 4 lamps (quartz) at the front and 1 at the top for maximum efficiency and uniform distribution of heatin..
49.00€ 59.00€
Ex Tax:39.52€
Brand: Life Model: S-RADIO-000002
Radio / Clock / Alarm clock with LED display and 1.8 "digits Life RAC-003Start your day happily, waking up with your favorite radio station! The LIFE RAC-003 is a necessary device, as it has a radio, clock and alarm function. It has a digital FM radio receiver, dual alarm clock to set 2 different al..
Ex Tax:16.05€
Brand: Life Model: S-IRN-000007
Life SI-100 Silky Purple 2400WSteam iron with ceramic coating soleplate, 2400W.This LIFE SI-100 steam iron powered with 2400W is the most effective solution for perfectly ironed garments in an easy & fast way. It comes with a large ceramic coating soleplate, adjustable temperature thermostat, st..
Ex Tax:16.05€
Life T-HEAT 2000W Life T-HEAT 2000W
2-4 Days
Brand: Life Model: S-HEATERS-000025
Electric Heater - Convector Life T-HEAT 2000W, with fan function.Keep your room warm and cozy with the new 2000W LIFE T-Heat electric convector heater.It is easy to use and you can adjust your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and its three heat settings. It has 3 power selection switches..
Ex Tax:24.11€
Brand: Life Model: S-VAC-000004
LIFE VC-001The LIFE VC-001 vacuum cleaner, with energy class A and eco motor for higher efficiency with less consumption, is an ideal choice for any home. It has a metal adjustable telescopic tube and a long cable for maximum flexibility. The large wheels and wheels on the sole guarantee smooth and ..
Ex Tax:40.24€
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