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Whirlpool B TNF 5012 OX Whirlpool B TNF 5012 OX
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Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-FRIDG-BF-000005
This free Whirlpool freezer has: Inox color. Inox Design. No Frost technology, against the accumulation of ice, which effectively prevents the accumulation of ice in the freezer, by reducing the humidity level. A device with a high height that will meet the needs of the whole family. Glass shelves w..
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Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-WM-000006
Whirlpool FWG91484W EU washing machine 9 kg, 1400 rpm, energy class A +++ - 10% and with 6th sense technology for automatic adjustment of water, temperature and washing time depending on the load.CharacteristicsWashing Capacity (Kg): 9Dimensions in cm (H x W x H): 84.5 x 59.5 x 63Energy Class: A +++..
Ex Tax:313.71€
Whirlpool TDLR 60111 Whirlpool TDLR 60111
2-4 Days
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-WM-000028
Innovative technology and special features, which enhance the washing results, maintain the quality of the fabrics and help you through automatic settings.Low temperatures, perfect protection. The Color 15. Option provides all the care and protection you deserve, while ensuring excellent washing res..
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Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-WM-000015
For excellent space saving and power saving, Whirlpool's top-loading washing machine, TDLR 70210, is a great choice. It offers a capacity of 7 kg, squeezing up to 1200 rpm, while in addition it is very economical in power consumption since it is energy class A +++. Thanks to the 14 washing programs,..
Ex Tax:297.58€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-FRIDG-BF-000004
Whirlpool 341l Mixed Refrigerator Freezer, with 6th Sense technology sensors for automatic temperature and humidity adjustmentMixed capacity: 341 Lt.Dimensions (HxWxD): 188.80 cm x 59.50 cm x 66.30 cmEnergy class: A ++Cooling type: Static2 year Supplier warranty..
Ex Tax:442.74€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-FRIDG-2D-000012
This free two-door Whirlpool refrigerator features: silver-inox color.No Frost technology, against the accumulation of ice, which effectively prevents the accumulation of ice in the freezer, by reducing the level of humidity. Glass shelves, which provide durability and elegance. A fan that provides ..
Ex Tax:225.00€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-FRIDG-BF-000006
Freezer Freezer 4-star cooling 368 l with autonomy in case of power failure 17 h FULL NO FROST !!!Drawers in the maintenance chamber: 2Number of door spaces: 4Number of shelves in the maintenance area: 3Freezer yield (net): 10 kg / 24 hNumber of freezer compartments: 3No Frost (prevents ice formatio..
Ex Tax:483.06€
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Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-COOKER-000018
Whirlpool ACMK 6433 / IX Mixed Kitchen (8003437221804)3 Gas Stoves, 1 Electric and Electric OvenA61 liters11 FunctionsOven:Cleaning system - Catalytic panelsQuick door cleaningFocus:6th EFFECTIVE technology1 electric with a diameter of 100 mm and a power of 3000 W.1 semiconductor with a diameter of ..
Ex Tax:370.16€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-DISHW-000005
Whirlpool ADP 301 IX Energy Class dishwasher A +, 6 washing programs, capacity 10 crockery and special tablet adjustment program, provides optimization of cycles.Special tablet adjustment program, provides the ability to optimize cycles (applies to all types of tablets: 4 in 1, 3 in 1, 2 in 1)Contro..
Ex Tax:337.90€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-OVEN-000001
Εντοιχιζόμενος ηλεκτρικός φούρνος Whirlpool: χρώμα inox, αυτόματο καθάρισμα - AKP 738 IXΠΟΛΛΑΠΛΩΝ ΛΕΙΤΟΥΡΓΙΩΝ 5Πολλές μέθοδοι μαγειρέματος. Η λειτουργία Πολλαπλών λειτουργιών 5 παρέχει ευέλικτες επιλογές μαγειρέματος, που εξασφαλίζουν άριστα αποτελέσματα, όποια κι αν είναι η συνταγή.SMART CLEANΕύκολ..
Ex Tax:192.74€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000004
Cast iron grills for maximum stability in utensilsNumber of hearths 4Reinforced with double crown with diameter 11.3 cm & power 3500 W2 semiconductors with a diameter of 6.9 cm & power 1750 W.1 auxiliary with a diameter of 4.9 cm & power 1000 WSafety valveBuilt-in ignition system in swit..
Ex Tax:192.74€
Brand: Whirlpool Model: S-BUILTIN-HOBS-000003
Hobs Whirlpool AKT8610 IX Built-in with perimeter stainless steel frame and 5 cooking zones.Innovative technology, sophisticated controls and special features that make it easy for you to prepare wonderful dishes and reduce cleaning time, while helping you through automatic settings.BEN-MARI OPERATI..
Ex Tax:233.06€
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