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ROLLER 42cm 9,5Lt.

ROLLER 42cm 9,5Lt.
ROLLER 42cm 9,5Lt.
ROLLER 42cm 9,5Lt.
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ROLLER 42cm 9,5Lt.
ROLLER 42cm 9,5Lt.
ROLLER 42cm 9,5Lt.
ROLLER 42cm 9,5Lt.

Roller Oven Hull 42cm Enamel Oval with Lid

Oval enamel hull, dimensions Ø 42 cm, for cooking in the oven

Enamel Oven Hull 42cm Oval with Lid

Oval enamel hull with high quality lid. Highly resistant to scratches and abrasions, scratches or other hard use.

  • With a length of 42 cm and an internal height of 21 cm.
  • Capacity 9.5 L
  • Suitable for washing in the dishwasher


  • Dimension: Ø 42 cm
  • Height: inside 21 cm
  • The lid can also be used as a baking tray

It stands out because:

  • It has a beautiful design that offers you style.
  • It has a very long shelf life due to multiple enameling and is difficult to cut, scratch or scratch from normal household use. It is excellently sterilized by germs, does not retain odors and is easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher with the usual household cleaners.
  • Its dimensions are suitable for most ovens while its oval shape helps in the diagonal placement in case of smaller ovens.
  • It has certification of material that can come into contact with food without fear
  • It has a large capacity of 9.5lt
  • The lid can be used as a standalone cookware or serving utensil.
  • Enamel hulls are considered the best for cooking food. They are the longest lasting utensils and good maintenance is the secret, to keep you for years.
  • Tips: It would be good to avoid falling from great heights, because there is a risk of breaking its enamel.
  • Also in the first 2-3 uses to avoid using acidic ingredients (lemon, tomato, etc.). Put them just before the baking is over and the food will become even more delicious !!!
Category Hull
Type Enamel
Specifications & Performance
Capacity (Lt) 9.5
Diameter (mm) 420

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  • Model: S-KATSC-000049
  • Weight: 3.00kg
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